Innovative portable outdoor power supply, how big is its prospective market?

Outdoor portable brand DX2 recently launched the outdoor 300, and formed a series with the outdoor power supply 200 launched some time ago, which greatly satisfied the demand for high-power and large-capacity power of outdoor portable equipment, and with excellent industrial design, these series products won the 2016 German Red Dot Design Award. It is understood that the original intention of DX2 brand to do outdoor portable power supply is towards outdoor life, and except the existing outdoor clothing, tools, medical, etc., What else do outdoor enthusiasts need?

With the improvement of people’s quality of life, and more and more self-driving enthusiasts, outdoor travel teams, individual players, the corresponding equipment is more and more professional, such as drones, the market capacity burst in 2015. According to the 2017 China Campground Industry Investment Report, the number of self-driving tourists in China in 2017 reached 3.1 billion, increased 17.4% over 2016 and 62% of the total number of domestic tourists. Will outdoor power supply become the standard product to carry for self-driving travel in the future? If this is the case, the market of such outdoor power products will be fully erupted. Because many areas are 200W high power pure sine wave AC output, adapt to more power equipment. Appropriate for self-driving travel, camping, outdoor small music party, family emergency power and other applications, mainly to solve drones, car refrigerators, cameras, laptops, projectors, outdoor lights, mobile phones and other power supply.

In the outdoor extreme environment, DX2 outdoor power supply 300 can solve the problem of short life of the outdoor photographer drone, the number of charging can reach 3-6 times, and different drone models with charging times. Let the drone fly in the sky and record more moments of shocking soul times. DX2 outdoor power supply 300 charges for camera for about 20-30 hours, which satisfies the long-term demand for electricity in photography. Outdoors, there is electricity with the sunlight, and the solar panels that accompany the sunlight make the using time longer for DX2.

It is understood that in 2019, DX2 will gradually develop outdoor power supply 500, outdoor power supply 1500, form an outdoor power brand series, and establish the most professional outdoor power brand image of DX2.


From the perspective of industry standards, DX2 has defined the industry standard for outdoor power supply categories: the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Electronics Technology Standardization Research Institute and Huabao New Energy (Electric Small 2 parent company) jointly drafted “portable lithium-ion battery energy storage” Power supply specification.” As a new category and emerging market segment for outdoor power supply, outdoor power products are bound to attract more competitors, and DX2 as an industry standard setter, as well as outdoor portable power well-known brand, occupies a very high brand awareness and great advantage. The most important key factor of outdoor power supply is the safety and stability of the product. For each user’s safety considerations, it is hoped that DX2 can lead the outdoor portable power supply category to benign competition with its own influence, and also form the outdoor equipment market, new consumption points and market prospects.

The 12th Japan International Photovoltaic New Energy Exhibition in 2019

Time: February 27-March 1, 2019

Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, Japan

Holding period: one year

Number of visitors: estimated 70,000-8,000


In 2018, the exhibition attracted 1,430 exhibitors from 31 countries, 64,399 professional visitors and 581 media reporters. The total area of ​​Chinese exhibitors is nearly 5,000 square meters! The exhibition was hosted by the world-renowned Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd.

——Exhibition scope

1. Battery modules, components; solar equipment, materials; measuring, analysis, processing, evaluation instruments and equipment; solar power products and components

2. Photovoltaic power generation system, system design related software; system installation technology; system installation components and equipment; other photovoltaic power generation system related technologies

3. Electrolyte exchangers, stamping and grinding equipment, precision processing technology, hydrogen production equipment, hydrogen storage supply equipment and technology, fuel cell related components and products, various heat treatment equipment, etc.

4. Equipment, wind turbine wind turbines, offshore wind power generation and operation and maintenance

5. Photovoltaic power plants, wind power plants, power grid companies, etc.

6. Capacitors, secondary batteries, battery technology, DC AC converters, equipment, etc.

7. Green ecological building materials and construction technology, etc.

8. ICT solutions, communication equipment and technology, transmission equipment and technology, social infrastructure, power generation systems, environmentally friendly building materials, other smart grid related technologies and services, etc.

9. Various cutting, grinding, processing technology, etc.

It is composed of nine sub-contributions and is the largest, most professional and influential renewable energy industry exhibition in Japan and even in Asia. The exhibition has become the best platform to develop Japan, the world’s second largest solar market and the growing Asian solar market. A number of professional forums, seminars and special lectures will be held during the exhibition to showcase the most advanced solar technologies and predict industry trends.

–market Overview

Japan is the world’s major energy-consuming country and its energy is heavily dependent on imports. Japan, which has a shortage of resources, has been actively developing solar energy for many years. Solar technology is an important part of Japan’s national development policy. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan uses various measures and projects to develop its own photovoltaic industry and capacity, including “New Sunshine Project”, “5 Years of Research and Development Plan for Photovoltaic Power Generation Technology” and “Residential Photovoltaic System Promotion Plan”. According to statistics, the market share of solar products in Japan has reached 30%, second only to Germany’s 39%.

As the world’s second-largest solar photovoltaic market, the Japanese government has been policy-assisted to promote the use of solar cells in the home. Since 1994, a grant of 900,000 yen/KW has been issued, which is close to half the system price. The system was suspended in 2005, but since 2009, the Japanese government has once again restored the solar power subsidy system for household use, which is a good opportunity for Chinese solar export companies to enter the Japanese market.

The 12th Japan International Photovoltaic New Energy Exhibition in 2019

From the application side, in Japan, you can easily see single crystal photovoltaic panels appear in various occasions, building roofs, greenhouses, water surface photovoltaics… With government support, Japan’s distributed photovoltaics have been in the past two years. Great development, the intensive, aesthetic, and more power generation of monocrystalline panels are of great significance here, and they are developing rapidly. In fact, there are many places in Japan where single crystal products are used.

In addition, from the perspective of production supply, monocrystalline modules also occupy an absolute mainstream position in Japan. According to the statistics of the Japan Solar Power Generation Association (below), the total production of single crystal modules in Japan reached 771,532 kW in the first three quarters of 2016 (not counted in the fourth quarter), accounting for 57%, far exceeding the polycrystalline 43%. It can be seen that Japan attaches more importance to single crystal components than polycrystalline components.

It can be said that after the development of the previous year, the advantages of single crystal have been recognized by the industry and showed a strong returning trend. Combined with the technological development trend of the photovoltaic industry and national policy guidance, it is foreseeable that the single crystal will re-emerge in 2016.

Audience statistics of the exhibition in 2018

The audience visited 21,406 people on the first day, 20,866 people on the second day, and 22,127 people on the third day, totaling 64,399 people.

Why is portable solar generator green and energy efficient

solar generator power supply is a high-quality power supply with constant frequency, voltage regulation, purity and uninterrupted power. With the rapid development of modern information technology, the importance of solar generator power supply is becoming more and more obvious, especially in the industries where telecommunications, banking, finance and national defense have extremely high reliability requirements for the power grid! According to the system performance of solar generator power supply The standard defines three types of solar generator: standby solar generator; line interactive solar generator; double conversion solar generator. The standby solar generator power supply only supplies power to the load when the mains supply fails, and is always in the state of being output.

When the solar generator power supply can meet the requirements of various performance indicators of the mains, priority is given to the mains supply. Once the mains supply is abnormal, it is immediately converted to solar generator, so as to ensure the quality of the power supply. solar generator power supply costs are lower, performance is superior to the backup machine, and is welcomed by some customers who have certain requirements on power performance.

We can also look at portable solar generator power from the perspective of “environmental protection” and “energy saving”. In addition to avoiding or using harmful substances such as lead and mercury in the product, the “green” of the portable solar generator power industry needs energy consumption from the portable solar generator power supply, the overall IT system energy consumption and the energy consumption of the surrounding refrigeration system. Look at this issue in terms of energy saving. For a time, the concept of “green data center” was highly regarded by many portable solar generator power companies. Both manufacturers and users believe that green data centers can improve the operation of enterprises by reducing the cost of IT equipment, reducing environmental pollution, environmental protection, and improving IT operational efficiency.

To pay attention to the topic of “green energy saving” of portable solar generator power supply, we may first analyze it from three technical levels to understand where the portable solar generator power supply should be “sectioned”.

First, the energy-saving features of portable solar generator power supplies have been of concern to many portable solar generator power supply manufacturers. In the solar generator industry, the “input power factor” indicates the ability of the solar generator to absorb active power from the grid and its impact on the grid. This parameter not only reflects the ability of the portable solar generator to obtain active power from the grid, but also the degree of pollution of the solar generator to the grid. The greater the power factor, the stronger the ability to acquire active power and the less polluted the grid. It is worth mentioning here that the output power factor of the solar generator is also a key indicator, which reflects the adaptability of the portable solar generator power supply to non-linear loads.

Secondly, the modular design of the portable solar generator power supply and refrigeration system “on demand” can also avoid unnecessary energy consumption problems for users. Through flexible modular expansion, the portable solar generator power supply initially purchased by users can be gradually expanded from 20KVA to The 80KVA needed in the future will avoid the waste of equipment investment in the “big bulls and small carts” in the early stage of purchase, which can also save energy.

It seems that people’s use of green and portable solar generator power supply mode is already relatively mature, and has become an industry trend, there is no harm.


Portable ups industry technology and development prospects

Sungzu analyzes the technical application and future development prospects of the solar generator industry for you.

The portable solar generator is an “uninterruptible power supply (a device that supplies power to an electronic device), which can ensure that the system continues to work for a certain period of time after the power failure, so that the user can save the disk urgently, so that the user does not affect the work or lose data due to the power failure.

First, uninterruptible power supply technical description

The solar generator consists of components such as inverters and power protection devices, and is mainly used in equipment such as computer equipment and network systems that require uninterrupted power supply. The solar folding package is used to charge digital products after converting solar energy into electric energy through solar panels, and has the advantages of being foldable and portable, and the demand for electricity in various scenes such as travel. There are many places and many equipments in real life that require reliable and stable power supply services. As a new type of power supply, solar generator uses semiconductor, comprehensive automatic control, microprocessor and other technologies, which not only achieves energy saving and emission reduction, but also guarantees high quality requirements for power supply in various occasions, so its application prospect is very good.

Second, the application status and development prospects of power technology

First.Application status

Integration With the development of informatization, the application areas of power protection are constantly expanding and the requirements are constantly improving. The energy storage solar generator products are generally applied in: communication, electric power, public security, finance, network, medical, security, industrial automation, rail transit, aerospace. In the field of navigation, lithium battery solar generator has been widely used in various fields, Xiaobian will give a few examples:

Vehicle solar generator Application – Space Department Aircraft Accusation Vehicle

Communication base station application – China Mobile

Transportation Application – Hurong Expressway

Industrial application – Baosteel Group

Data Center – School Room Power Supply

Second.Development prospects

In recent years, in order to meet people’s high requirements for solar generator performance, solar generator power technology has made some new developments, such as network intelligent solar generator, full digital. Specifically, the current development trend of solar generator power technology is mainly as follows:




High frequency

The development trend of customer integration needs will be further strengthened.

Finally, as the communications industry in the solar generator market, investment growth has increased significantly, especially 4G construction will be promoted on a large scale; the state has approved rail transit projects with a total investment of 800 billion yuan, and railway investment has also restarted. Driven by the investment in these two major industries, the future trend of solar generator market demand will continue to increase.

Third, summary

With the performance of power supply equipment and the application of advantages in the corresponding fields, in the future, the domestic solar generator power supply market will continue to expand, and companies that mainly produce solar generator power equipment and its parts are continuously bred and form a A relatively complete supply and marketing market and service market. Portable solar generator is a safe, portable, stable and environmentally friendly small energy storage system. Can provide you with a very portable and sustainable green energy solution.

Engaged in the solar generator power industry for many years, has accumulated a wealth of professional experience, deep understanding of the application of solar generator uninterruptible power supply in the communications, power and other industries and the current status and characteristics of the lithium battery solar generator industry, providing users with stable, safe, portable products and perfect Power energy solutions. If you have a project that needs to be applied to the lithium battery solar generator, you can consult us online!



Sungzu portable solar generator application field and portable solar generator product features

Sungzu portable solar generator application field and portable solar generator product features

Portable solar generator is widely used in various fields, such as outdoor office, outdoor photography, outdoor construction, backup power, emergency power fire rescue, disaster relief, car start, charging and mobile power.

Sungzu portable ups product features:

1.Aluminum all-gold integrated body is sturdy and durable.

2.using PC plus fireproof plastic materials.

3. pool temperature control protection, extend battery life.

4.pure sine wave inverter output, output.

5.DC output has side charging and discharging function

6. with solar MPPT function, with solar charging board, can make solar panel power generation to a better state;

7.with safety and reliability: the use of new lithium-ion batteries of the same level of electric vehicles, higher requirements, better reliability and stability; function: over temperature protection, over discharge protection, over current protection, short circuit protection

The demand for portable UPS power is increasing, and the market prospect is very large. However, when using and maintaining, you must remember to pay attention to some methods, so that the life of portable UPS will become longer and longer.



six ways to extend the life of your portable solar generator

Secret brand! Which brand of portable solar generator is more popular? In the market, with the rapid development of the UPS market, the demand forportable solar generator is also increasing. Many people ask Xiaobian, which brand ofportable solar generator is popular? Now sungzu Xiaobian will help you. To uncover the secret.

First, what is theportable solar generator?

Portable UPS is a safe, portable, stable and environmentally friendly small energy storage system. Can provide you with a very portable and sustainable green energy solution.

Portable UPS is widely used in various fields, such as outdoor office, outdoor photography, outdoor construction, backup power supply, emergency power supply fire rescue, disaster relief, car start, digital charging and mobile power.

Second, which brand ofportable solar generator is more popular

Nowadays, there are manyportable solar generator power brands on the market, most of which are traditional lead-acid batteries. Emerson, Shante and Schneider are some old brands, but the brand life cycle is uneven. Today, sungzu wants to recommend a domestic brand to everyone, the Sungzu familyportable solar generator, really broke the inside of the industry!

The Sungzu familyportable solar generator can be used for illumination and other loads, and has a compact structure, convenient carrying and reliable use. Each voltage is a large current output, which is incomparable to similar products.

The body is super light and compact, and it is supported by environmentally friendly, small size, large capacity and light weight lithium batteries. It ensures that important loads continue to work or there is sufficient power supply to camp in remote mountains. Designed for outdoor emergency design, it combines light weight, high capacity and high power. It has overvoltage, overload and short circuit protection design, and ultra-high power pure sine wave output.

Medical equipment, emergency rescue, outdoor activities, drone life, self-driving tour, household electricity storage, lighting, can also be used in mountainous areas, pastoral areas, field trips, outings, leisure, or in cars and boats. DC, AC power supply.


Which is the portable ups brand

Recently, there are many customers consulting Sungzu, what are the differences in performance characteristics between rack UPS and portable UPS?

The answer to the Shang family is that they are both important power supply protection devices and important external devices capable of providing a continuous, stable and uninterrupted power supply.


With the rapid development of the solar generator market, the demand for Portable solar generator is also increasing, there are many types of specifications, and the corresponding solar generator should be selected for different application fields. Today, let’s take a look at the difference in performance characteristics between rack-mounted solar generator and Portable solar generator.

First, rack solar generator

Definition: Rack-mounted solar generator is a power supply equipment mainly used for centralized power supply in security system integration. It is an inevitable product for standardized management and centralized management of security systems. Can output sine wave, zero conversion time.

Rack-mounted solar generator is widely used in communications, power, public security, fire protection, radio and television, finance, military, Internet and other industries, and its integrated devices include: communication base stations, integrated power distribution cabinets, data centers, modular integrated products, etc. .

Rack-mounted solar generator saves space compared to traditional solar generator and looks like a rack-mounted server. The rack solar generator is small in size, super capacity, and high efficiency. Save floor space, space; easy to install, use and maintain; short power connection cable, high reliability.

Second, Portable solar generator

Portable solar generator is a safe, portable, stable and environmentally friendly small energy storage system. Can provide you with a portable and sustainable green energy solution.

Portable solar generator is widely used in various fields, such as: medical equipment, emergency rescue, outdoor activities, drone life, self-driving tour, home storage, lighting, office, fishing, military and other areas of electricity.

Lightweight and compact, it is powered by an environmentally-friendly, small-sized, large-capacity, lightweight lithium-ion battery to ensure that important loads continue to work or that there is sufficient power supply to camp in remote mountains. Designed for outdoor emergency design, it combines light weight, high capacity and high power. It has overvoltage, overload and short circuit protection design, and ultra-high power pure sine wave output.


Summary: With the advent of the information society, Portable solar generator is widely used in all aspects from information collection, transmission, processing, storage to application. Its importance is increasing with the increasing importance of information applications. The future trend of Portable solar generator market demand will continue to increase.


The development trend of portable energy storage boxes

Why is the development trend of portable energy storage boxes in the future unstoppable? The Sungzu Family Xiaobian gives you a look at the statistics of many countries.

At the G20 Hamburg Summit, on the issue of climate change, although countries failed to reach an agreement on the Paris Agreement, some countries have clearly stated their efforts to achieve the Paris Agreement. Among them, the more striking is that some countries have announced that they will completely ban fuel vehicles.

In early July, French Energy Minister Nicolas Hollow said that France plans to stop selling gasoline and diesel vehicles in 2040 and plans to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

London, UK is also committed to becoming an ultra-low carbon city by 2020; gasoline and diesel vehicles will be completely banned from 2040, and only new energy-energy vehicles such as electric vehicles will be allowed to sell in the market.


The German Federal Senate passed the proposal to ban the sale of traditional internal combustion engines after 2030.

Portable energy storage power storage power supply can not resist the future trend

The four main political parties in Norway also agreed to ban fuel truck sales from 2025. At present, electric vehicles account for 24% of new cars sold in Norway, leading the world, so the implementation of such a new policy faces less resistance than other countries.

The Dutch lao Labor Party publicly requested to ban the sale of traditional gasoline and diesel vehicles in the Netherlands from 2025, thus ensuring that all new cars will be new energy vehicles after 2025. Although the proposal was strongly opposed, it was finally passed.

India said that by 2030, India will only sell electric vehicles and stop the sale of petroleum-fueled vehicles.

Many countries have announced that they will ban fuel vehicles in the future. So what solves the power problem?

Yes, you also think of it, it is a new energy storage power source. As a result, the era of new energy vehicles is rapidly coming to us.

Of course, some people will say that the popularity of electric vehicle charging piles, coverage areas, and the last mile of electric vehicles will be a problem.

Portable energy storage power storage power supply can not resist the future trend

Portable energy storage power supplies will solve this problem before the charging pile is popularized. Solve the last mile of electric cars.

It is equivalent to the charging treasure of electric vehicles, and it can recharge the electric vehicles at any time. Then other problems with electric vehicles, short trips, and small driving range are no longer problems.

With the development of society in terms of human life, the demand for portable energy storage power sources has gradually emerged. Outdoor power problems, equipment backup problems, power outages. Due to lack of electricity or power outages, work cannot continue; due to lack of electricity or power outages, equipment, machinery, and tools are stopped; due to lack of electricity or power outages, people’s normal lives are affected; due to geographical restrictions, outdoor areas and other remote areas are out of power. , resulting in inability to work and affect normal life and work.

These problems increasingly illustrate the trend of portable energy storage power sources that are irresistible. The concept of a portable energy storage power source may not be a special household name. Simply understand: we can imagine a portable energy storage power supply as a commercial power that can be carried at any time. Whether it is outdoors or in a power outage, it can solve emergency power problems. Of course, its function also has a DC output, and of course it is no problem to load some DC equipment.


The portable energy storage power supply has 220V AC output, 48V or 24V, 12V, 5V conventional DC output. Any device that uses electricity within its power range can be used.

Portable energy storage power storage power supply can not resist the future trend

At present, the domestic high-power lithium-ion portable energy storage power supply is better than Shenzhen Miyang Technology Co., Ltd., the product range is relatively complete, covering a wide range of scenes. The main application scenarios are: emergency communication, electric power repair, medical equipment, exploration and mapping, military, firefighting and disaster relief, outdoor environmental testing and other occasions, as well as areas with extensive power shortages.


Sungzu product application environment

With the development of society, the application of electricity is indispensable in daily life work, but it often encounters a series of problems such as outdoor electricity, equipment backup, and power outage. Because of the lack of electricity and power outages, the work could not continue, which made people very distressed.

Especially in the summer during peak hours, power outages have become commonplace; or in some remote areas and war-torn countries, they often face power outages and power shortages. In the face of these problems, Sungzu Jingrui Technology Co., Ltd. launched A range of outdoor electrical equipment: solar folding bags, solar mobile power, solar power small systems, portable energy storage boxes. These can solve the problem of outdoor electricity, and it is safe, environmentally friendly and efficient!

Sungzu is a high-tech enterprise specializing in outdoor solar backup power supply research and promotion, and the first in the industry to introduce outdoor portable energy storage electric box products. Sungzu focuses on the research and development and design of outdoor solar backup power supply. It has established outdoor portable energy storage box product technology research and professional reliability testing laboratory, and has carried out technical exchanges and cooperation with a number of new energy technology research institutions.

Energy storage is of great significance to the use of new energy. As the cost of energy storage has decreased year by year, energy storage technology has been continuously improved, and energy storage has received more and more attention on a global scale. Nowadays, energy storage is leading the world to a new pattern of energy utilization with unstoppable momentum. The energy storage power system driven by the state and giant enterprises is constantly changing. As a small energy storage power supply device, portable energy storage power sources have gradually developed the potential of the market.

Shangzu follows the business philosophy of “Honesty, Service First, Pursuit of Excellence, and Common Development”, with the goal of “Quality First, Customer Satisfaction” as the company goal, strengthen the management level of the enterprise, improve the competitiveness of the enterprise, and bring fashion to customers and consumers. , environmental protection, energy-saving backup power supply new experience.


Portable solar mobile energy will be everywhere

At present, the photovoltaic industry is facing a transformation. How to expand the application of products and let clean energy truly enter the lives of the people is the top priority. On February 28th, Hanergy Film Power Group released a series of new portable thin film solar products in Beijing, including solar film power generation paper, power generation package, power generation backpack, energy storage lamp, and small off-grid power generation system. Experts said that innovative and intimate new energy and civilian products will help China’s new energy industry to expand the market and help people to raise environmental awareness, which is equally important for the energy revolution.
At the press conference, a mobile 8 watt mobile solar power paper attracted everyone’s attention. The power generation paper is only 1 mm thick and weighs 160 grams. It is covered with high-efficiency solar film. In sunny conditions, it takes only 2 to 3 hours to fill an iPhone 6 Plus.
Zhang Bin, senior vice president of Hanergy Thin Film Power Group, told the Economic Daily reporter: “Compared with traditional energy storage devices, Hanergy’s products are more portable, environmentally friendly and more efficient, from power generation to charging. And electric energy sources continue.” “China National Geographic” outdoor equipment appraiser Xue Bin test products said that in the cloudy and sunny at noon, 8 watts of power generation paper charging for one hour, can increase the iPhone7’s power from 35% to 71% .
The reporter learned that the product released this time uses the film chip of Hana’s US subsidiary MiaSolé. Unlike the traditional photovoltaic products, the MiaSolé component completes all processes in one device, and there is no waste water, exhaust gas, energy consumption in the whole process. Also very low. At present, the technology has achieved localization and mass production, and the cost has also been reduced by half.
With the popularization of portable electronic devices such as mobile Internet and smart phones, there is a huge market demand for mobile power solutions in the fields of mobile communication, outdoor sports, tourism, photography, and professional scientific research.
In recent years, through the global technology integration and independent innovation, Hanergy has continuously improved the conversion rate and stability of flexible thin film batteries. At the same time, through mastering the core equipment of the thin film power generation industry and the manufacturing capacity of the entire line, the equipment has been continuously copied and delivered. The improvement has realized the cost reduction and mass production of flexible thin film batteries, thus making the development of civil solar products market a reality.
Si Haijian, executive director and CEO of Hanergy Thin Film Power Group, said that the most important change in the energy revolution is to transform the past centralized power generation into distributed power generation, which brings opportunities for the development of distributed generation, especially mobile energy. Thin-film batteries have the unique advantages of light, thin, soft and low-light power generation, and can be widely used in various emerging mobile energy markets such as distributed generation and transportation, communication, Internet of Things, electronics, drones, and outdoor sports.
At present, with the excessive consumption of traditional fossil energy and the intensification of environmental problems such as smog, the development of new energy has become the trend and requirement of global energy transformation. The 2016 Global New Energy Development Report released by the National Federation of Industry and Commerce New Energy Chamber of Commerce predicts that by 2021, the global mobile energy market is expected to reach 7.4 trillion yuan, including mobile energy products, intelligent routing products, and mobile energy services. Sub-area.
“Let everyone become the mainstay of power generation, and mobile energy will be everywhere.” Zhang Bin said that the integration of flexible solar power technology with the civilian product market is expected to incite greater market demand and stimulate potential innovation. Contribute to China’s solar energy industry upgrade and supply-side structural reform.