Sungzu portable solar generator application field and portable solar generator product features

Sungzu portable solar generator application field and portable solar generator product features

Portable solar generator is widely used in various fields, such as outdoor office, outdoor photography, outdoor construction, backup power, emergency power fire rescue, disaster relief, car start, charging and mobile power.

Sungzu portable ups product features:

1.Aluminum all-gold integrated body is sturdy and durable.

2.using PC plus fireproof plastic materials.

3. pool temperature control protection, extend battery life.

4.pure sine wave inverter output, output.

5.DC output has side charging and discharging function

6. with solar MPPT function, with solar charging board, can make solar panel power generation to a better state;

7.with safety and reliability: the use of new lithium-ion batteries of the same level of electric vehicles, higher requirements, better reliability and stability; function: over temperature protection, over discharge protection, over current protection, short circuit protection

The demand for portable UPS power is increasing, and the market prospect is very large. However, when using and maintaining, you must remember to pay attention to some methods, so that the life of portable UPS will become longer and longer.



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