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Company Vision

Without the power shortage, the world will be better.

  • Shenzhen Sungzu Technology Co.,Ltd focus on the fields of solar power generation and energy storage development and application.Since the establishment of our company, we have made some research and data analysis about global market,so we have found that when they are in some areas,for example need outdoor or mobile electricity, lack of power resources areas, frequent power-off areas, so that people feel upset on daily life or work.

  • In order to deal with electricity problem,our R&D department meet the market demand to actively develop the electricity product series for global different areas, including: new energy storage box series, solar power system series, photovoltaic panels series, solar lighting system series, solar mobile power series. They can be applied for outdoor electricity, mobile electricity, the some areas that lack of power resources or frequently power off and so on.For this,we can meet the needs of users on their work and life.

  • Regardless of race, regardless of faith, regardless of geography, we can help you to solve the electricity trouble. No power off, the world will be better!

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