Portable ups industry technology and development prospects

Sungzu analyzes the technical application and future development prospects of the solar generator industry for you.

The portable solar generator is an “uninterruptible power supply (a device that supplies power to an electronic device), which can ensure that the system continues to work for a certain period of time after the power failure, so that the user can save the disk urgently, so that the user does not affect the work or lose data due to the power failure.

First, uninterruptible power supply technical description

The solar generator consists of components such as inverters and power protection devices, and is mainly used in equipment such as computer equipment and network systems that require uninterrupted power supply. The solar folding package is used to charge digital products after converting solar energy into electric energy through solar panels, and has the advantages of being foldable and portable, and the demand for electricity in various scenes such as travel. There are many places and many equipments in real life that require reliable and stable power supply services. As a new type of power supply, solar generator uses semiconductor, comprehensive automatic control, microprocessor and other technologies, which not only achieves energy saving and emission reduction, but also guarantees high quality requirements for power supply in various occasions, so its application prospect is very good.

Second, the application status and development prospects of power technology

First.Application status

Integration With the development of informatization, the application areas of power protection are constantly expanding and the requirements are constantly improving. The energy storage solar generator products are generally applied in: communication, electric power, public security, finance, network, medical, security, industrial automation, rail transit, aerospace. In the field of navigation, lithium battery solar generator has been widely used in various fields, Xiaobian will give a few examples:

Vehicle solar generator Application – Space Department Aircraft Accusation Vehicle

Communication base station application – China Mobile

Transportation Application – Hurong Expressway

Industrial application – Baosteel Group

Data Center – School Room Power Supply

Second.Development prospects

In recent years, in order to meet people’s high requirements for solar generator performance, solar generator power technology has made some new developments, such as network intelligent solar generator, full digital. Specifically, the current development trend of solar generator power technology is mainly as follows:




High frequency

The development trend of customer integration needs will be further strengthened.

Finally, as the communications industry in the solar generator market, investment growth has increased significantly, especially 4G construction will be promoted on a large scale; the state has approved rail transit projects with a total investment of 800 billion yuan, and railway investment has also restarted. Driven by the investment in these two major industries, the future trend of solar generator market demand will continue to increase.

Third, summary

With the performance of power supply equipment and the application of advantages in the corresponding fields, in the future, the domestic solar generator power supply market will continue to expand, and companies that mainly produce solar generator power equipment and its parts are continuously bred and form a A relatively complete supply and marketing market and service market. Portable solar generator is a safe, portable, stable and environmentally friendly small energy storage system. Can provide you with a very portable and sustainable green energy solution.

Engaged in the solar generator power industry for many years, has accumulated a wealth of professional experience, deep understanding of the application of solar generator uninterruptible power supply in the communications, power and other industries and the current status and characteristics of the lithium battery solar generator industry, providing users with stable, safe, portable products and perfect Power energy solutions. If you have a project that needs to be applied to the lithium battery solar generator, you can consult us online!



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