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Product Application

New Energy storage power supply

New energy storage box is also called the battery box, power battery products built new efficient cars, combined with high strength aluminum alloy fuselage shell, its security and reliability after company research and development team for a long time of repeated testing and validation.
The product performance is fully manufactured according to the European and American quality standards and obtained relevant certifications (ROHS, CE, FCC, UL)!
The product unique temperament and consummate craft to bring safe, comfortable and noble experience to the user.
It can be used for the charging of new energy storage tanks by using solar panels, automobile cigarette lighter interface and AC DC adaptor. The product output supports 220V \ 110V, 19V, 17.5v, 12V and 5V for all kinds of electrical equipment.
There are medical devices, emergency disaster relief, outdoor activities, uav battery life, road trip, home storage, lighting, office, fishery, military and other fields of electricity

solar power storage battery
solar power generation system

Solar power generation system

Small solar power system is a new energy storage box solar panels and the perfect combination of solar panels will be natural energy into electrical energy by using effective illumination, storage in the new energy storage box for users to use.
No matter where you are, no matter where you are, as long as there is sunshine, there is power output, leaving users to say goodbye to the lack of power.
The product application domain includes: outdoor disaster relief, outdoor operation, outdoor uav battery life, self-driving tour, household power storage, lighting, office, fishery, grazing, military power generation and other electric fields

Solar panel

Solar panels, also known as photovoltaic panels, is a number of battery components installed in a certain way in a surface fitting, has the function of using the sun energy saving, environmental protection and using them all!
At present, solar panels are divided into efficient solar panels, single crystal silicon solar panels, and polysilicon solar panels.
Solar panels are widely used in the fields of photovoltaic power station, transportation, communication, small household power generation system, lighting and military power generation


solar panel charger
solar lighting sysetm

Solar lighting system

Solar lighting system is a perfect combination of solar panels, batteries, LED lamp, by using sunlight to generate electricity, solar panels by batteries store energy for the use of LED lights, open the energy saving, environmental protection lighting a new era.
Solar lighting system applications include: lack of electric lighting family or area, grazing, camping, family yard, road lighting, outdoor advertising space, etc

Portable solar power bank

Solar power, mobile power, or lithium batteries, small and delicate in shape to carry.
With DC 5V input energy storage and DC 5V output, it is favored by users around the world.
Widely used in mobile phones, tablets, cameras, LED lights, bluetooth audio, PSP, MP3, MP4 and other digital products

solar power bank