Portable solar mobile energy will be everywhere

At present, the photovoltaic industry is facing a transformation. How to expand the application of products and let clean energy truly enter the lives of the people is the top priority. On February 28th, Hanergy Film Power Group released a series of new portable thin film solar products in Beijing, including solar film power generation paper, power generation package, power generation backpack, energy storage lamp, and small off-grid power generation system. Experts said that innovative and intimate new energy and civilian products will help China’s new energy industry to expand the market and help people to raise environmental awareness, which is equally important for the energy revolution.
At the press conference, a mobile 8 watt mobile solar power paper attracted everyone’s attention. The power generation paper is only 1 mm thick and weighs 160 grams. It is covered with high-efficiency solar film. In sunny conditions, it takes only 2 to 3 hours to fill an iPhone 6 Plus.
Zhang Bin, senior vice president of Hanergy Thin Film Power Group, told the Economic Daily reporter: “Compared with traditional energy storage devices, Hanergy’s products are more portable, environmentally friendly and more efficient, from power generation to charging. And electric energy sources continue.” “China National Geographic” outdoor equipment appraiser Xue Bin test products said that in the cloudy and sunny at noon, 8 watts of power generation paper charging for one hour, can increase the iPhone7’s power from 35% to 71% .
The reporter learned that the product released this time uses the film chip of Hana’s US subsidiary MiaSolé. Unlike the traditional photovoltaic products, the MiaSolé component completes all processes in one device, and there is no waste water, exhaust gas, energy consumption in the whole process. Also very low. At present, the technology has achieved localization and mass production, and the cost has also been reduced by half.
With the popularization of portable electronic devices such as mobile Internet and smart phones, there is a huge market demand for mobile power solutions in the fields of mobile communication, outdoor sports, tourism, photography, and professional scientific research.
In recent years, through the global technology integration and independent innovation, Hanergy has continuously improved the conversion rate and stability of flexible thin film batteries. At the same time, through mastering the core equipment of the thin film power generation industry and the manufacturing capacity of the entire line, the equipment has been continuously copied and delivered. The improvement has realized the cost reduction and mass production of flexible thin film batteries, thus making the development of civil solar products market a reality.
Si Haijian, executive director and CEO of Hanergy Thin Film Power Group, said that the most important change in the energy revolution is to transform the past centralized power generation into distributed power generation, which brings opportunities for the development of distributed generation, especially mobile energy. Thin-film batteries have the unique advantages of light, thin, soft and low-light power generation, and can be widely used in various emerging mobile energy markets such as distributed generation and transportation, communication, Internet of Things, electronics, drones, and outdoor sports.
At present, with the excessive consumption of traditional fossil energy and the intensification of environmental problems such as smog, the development of new energy has become the trend and requirement of global energy transformation. The 2016 Global New Energy Development Report released by the National Federation of Industry and Commerce New Energy Chamber of Commerce predicts that by 2021, the global mobile energy market is expected to reach 7.4 trillion yuan, including mobile energy products, intelligent routing products, and mobile energy services. Sub-area.
“Let everyone become the mainstay of power generation, and mobile energy will be everywhere.” Zhang Bin said that the integration of flexible solar power technology with the civilian product market is expected to incite greater market demand and stimulate potential innovation. Contribute to China’s solar energy industry upgrade and supply-side structural reform.

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