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With the development of society, the application of electricity is indispensable in daily life work, but it often encounters a series of problems such as outdoor electricity, equipment backup, and power outage. Because of the lack of electricity and power outages, the work could not continue, which made people very distressed.

Especially in the summer during peak hours, power outages have become commonplace; or in some remote areas and war-torn countries, they often face power outages and power shortages. In the face of these problems, Sungzu Jingrui Technology Co., Ltd. launched A range of outdoor electrical equipment: solar folding bags, solar mobile power, solar power small systems, portable energy storage boxes. These can solve the problem of outdoor electricity, and it is safe, environmentally friendly and efficient!

Sungzu is a high-tech enterprise specializing in outdoor solar backup power supply research and promotion, and the first in the industry to introduce outdoor portable energy storage electric box products. Sungzu focuses on the research and development and design of outdoor solar backup power supply. It has established outdoor portable energy storage box product technology research and professional reliability testing laboratory, and has carried out technical exchanges and cooperation with a number of new energy technology research institutions.

Energy storage is of great significance to the use of new energy. As the cost of energy storage has decreased year by year, energy storage technology has been continuously improved, and energy storage has received more and more attention on a global scale. Nowadays, energy storage is leading the world to a new pattern of energy utilization with unstoppable momentum. The energy storage power system driven by the state and giant enterprises is constantly changing. As a small energy storage power supply device, portable energy storage power sources have gradually developed the potential of the market.

Shangzu follows the business philosophy of “Honesty, Service First, Pursuit of Excellence, and Common Development”, with the goal of “Quality First, Customer Satisfaction” as the company goal, strengthen the management level of the enterprise, improve the competitiveness of the enterprise, and bring fashion to customers and consumers. , environmental protection, energy-saving backup power supply new experience.


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