1500 Portable Power Station

Product Model: SKA1500-T

Product Description:

1. 工作负载功率 1500W max 电力产品
2. LiFePO4 电池:28.8V45Ah 1380Wh

3.适配器输入:36Vdc / 6.7A/ 241W (支持太阳能电池板同时充电)
4.太阳能电池板输入:18~80Vdc 500W (MAX)
5. USB-A输出×2口:18W;6. USB-C输出×2口:60W
7. DC 12V输出:5521×2口12V 120W
雪茄口×1 12V 120W
8. AC输出×2口:220Vac或110Vac 50Hz /60Hz(纯正弦波逆变器,开关频率)
9.连续输出功率:1500瓦;/ 浪涌功率:3000 瓦
10. LiFePO4 电池循环次数 2000 次(容量≥80%)
11.工作环境温度:-10℃~50℃/14℉~122℉ 12.充电环境温度:-0℃~50℃/32℉~122℉ 13.产品尺寸:430×164×273 mm/16.93× 6.46×10.75英寸


SKA1000T Technical Parameters

1. Work for load power 1500W max electricity products
2. LiFePO4 battery: 28.8V45Ah 1380Wh
3.Adapter input: 36Vdc / 6.7A/ 241W (Supports simultaneous charging of solar panels)
4.Solar panel input: 18~80Vdc 500W (MAX)
5. USB-A Output×2 Ports:18W; 6. USB-C Output×2 ports:60W
7. DC 12V Output: 5521×2 Ports 12V 120W
Cigar Ports×1 12V 120W
8. AC Output ×2 ports: 220Vac or 110Vac 50Hz /60Hz (pure sine wave inverter,Switchable frequency)
9. Continuous output power: 1500 Watt; / Surge power: 3000 Watt
10. LiFePO4 Battery cycle times 2000 times(capacity ≥ 80%)
11. Working environment temperature: -10℃~50℃ /14℉~122℉ 12.Charging environment temperature:-0℃~50℃ /32℉~122℉ 13.Product size:430×164×273 mm/16.93×6.46×10.75 inch
14.Product weight:15KGS/33lb

Video(How to use)

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