Our team – Sungzu elite

Our team is made up of young and energetic young people. Maybe our experience is not rich enough, but we are making progress every day; maybe our service is not perfect, but we are always working towards better standards; your satisfaction is our biggest Encouragement!

Shenzhen Sungzu Jingrui Technology Co., Ltd. OEM Service

OEM one-stop service, ISO9001 quality certification system, providing a series of process services from product development to mass production.

Partner: government, school, bank, communication company, distributor, gift company, trading company, Tmall, Jingdong, Taobao and other enterprises and individuals.

Sungzu sungzu provides the most professional service, the fastest production cycle, high quality products.

Professional R & D team, advanced production equipment, production team with professional training, strict quality control services.

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