Sungzu elite investment details

Investment details

First: cooperation foreword

Sungzu is an original brand enterprise with its own production plant, design, photography, art and operation team.

Sungzu products are positioned in the high-end simple, stylish, high-end, creative 3c digital / digital applications. Today’s 3c digital industry is a mixture of fish and snakes, and the quality of products is declining. We hope that through our efforts, we can make different products and make different stores.

We need agents that support each other. We need to focus on marketing, optimizing, and making agents.

Second: investment requirements

1. Can strictly follow the company price system (such as repeatedly overstepping the company’s pricing rules, directly stop the cooperation complaint handling)

2. Have certain operational ability, and have time to take care of the store (such as 1 week after the audit is passed, the store is not renovated, there is no order in one week, the background automatically cancels the agency)

3. Tmall / Jingdong / other mall / Taobao c points (2 drills or more) / micro-business

4. Be able to understand and support the company’s promulgated rules (company rules must be established on the premise of maintaining the brand market order and the rights of agents)

third. Other important matters about the agent

1. The company did not provide data packets (believe that if you are good at Taobao, each product should be put on your own with your own thoughts and emotions)

2. The picture is provided. Under normal circumstances, the company does not send pictures to the outside. If you need to make a poster, please contact customer service in advance.

3. Regarding the price, the price system of our company is different from that of other professional companies. We adopt the method of uniform delivery and wholesale price, strictly follow the pricing and quantity requirements of Ali, and the way of freight collection.

(Professional to do the basic is to customize the higher generation price, do membership discount, and earn courier fees)

Forth. About express and logistics information

The default express Shentong Express, other express needs to be calculated according to the specific weight, please contact Shangzu sungzu online customer service.

Agent entrance

1. In the official website of Alibaba’s official flagship store, enter [one generation] and click on the application agent.

2. Certification fill in agency information, including contact information, sales shop links, etc., if the information is not complete, the background is not granted

3. Waiting for review

4. If the audit is approved, open, log in to your Taobao account – click on my Ali – click on the sold item – click on the customer management on the left hand side – enter the channel management – enter Product management. You can pass the product to your Taobao. (On other websites, you can contact customer service directly)

Contact for details: Generation CommissionerQQ:671823383            phone:0755-29952902            WeChat:sungzu88

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