Sungzu SKA300 product features and application environment

     Sungzu SKA300 portable solar generator product features:

1.18650mA DC output new energy storage box

2.high-strength aluminum alloy body shell.sturdy and durable

3.product interface with dust-proof silicone to prevent dust and interface oxidation

4.using the latest embedded MPPT solar control system.high security and reliability

5.product performance is fully produced in accordance with European and American quality standards and obtained relevant certification

6.product output support 220V\110V.19V.12V.5V for all types of electrical equipment

SKA300 portable solar generator

    Sungzu SKA300 portable solar generator product parameters:

1.battery type: 18650 batteries

2.AC output: 220V/300W

3.DC output: 12V/10A

4.USB output: 5V/3A

5.the input voltage: 15V

6.input current: 3A

7.capacity: 11.1V/28.8AH

8.product size: 300mm * 117mm * 208mm

9.weight: 4.5KG

Sungzu SKA100 portable solar generator product application:

Medical equipment.emergency response.outdoor activities.drone life.self-driving tour.household electricity and other areas of electricity.

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