Sungzu SKA100 product features and application environment

Sungzu SKA100 portable solar generator product features:

1.Aluminum all-gold integrated body is sturdy and durable.

2.AC and DC integrated machine.

3.with solar MPPT function.with solar charging board.can make solar panel power generation to a better state.

4.with safety and reliability: the use of new lithium-ion batteries of the same level of electric vehicles.higher requirements.better reliability and stability. function: over temperature protection.over discharge protection.over current protection.short circuit protection.

Sungzu SKA100 portable solar generator product parameters:

1.Input voltage / current ( panel):

1.1 Adapter: 15Vdc ~ 30Vdc 3A (MAX)

1.2 Adapter: TYPE-C/45W (supports PD3.0/PD2.0 input)

1.3 solar panel: 15Vdc ~ 30Vdc 3A (MAX)

2.Output voltage and current:

2.1 USB output voltage / current: 5Vdc 2.1A

2.2 DC output voltage / current: 12Vdc 8.0A (MAX)

2.3 Type-C output power: TYPE-C/45W (PD3.0/PD2.0/QC3.0/QC2.0/FCP/SCP.etc.)

3.AC output:

3.1 AC output power: 100Wh

3.2 AC output voltage / current: 220V/0.46A/50Hz 110V/0.9A/60Hz

4.Product capacity: 11.1V 9.0Ah/3.7V 27000mAh

5.Product size: 210mm × 135mm × 30mm

6.Net weight: 1.0Kg

7.Battery life: ≧ 800 times (capacity ≧ 80%)

8.Working environment temperature: -10 ° C ~ 60 ° C

9.Working environment humidity: ≦ 95%

10Altitude: below 2000M

11.Protection function: short circuit protection.over current protection.over temperature protection.over voltage protection.over charge protection.

Sungzu SKA100 portable solar generator product application:

Medical equipment.emergency response.outdoor activities.drone life.self-driving tour.household electricity and other areas of electricity.

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