Sungzu elite sales advantage

Sungzu elite sales advantage

1.Free agent

Provide product image data package free of charge, no need to pay pre-deposit, no handling fee, 1 also issued. We can also ship our products by ourselves.

2. Professional marketing team

Can guide you through the various opportunities, sales and promotion techniques.

3. A generation

Hundreds of styles are selected with you, no need to press the goods, guarantee the brand, quality, after-sales service and provide seven days no reason to return service, reducing your risk of entrepreneurship.

4. Factory direct sales

First-hand supply, high quality, affordable.

5.100% in-kind shooting

Our company has exclusive professional photographers and art editors. The picture is beautiful and beautiful, attracting buyers’ attention.

6. Unique style

Our company has a professional team of designers.

7. Professional services

One-on-one professional customer service provides you with an online Q&A in a timely manner.

8. Improve after-sales

100% replacement of quality problems, free of your worries.

9. Experienced

Strong strength With multiple product lines, more than 5,000 pieces per day, the management is perfect, the workshop adopts dust-free management, and has established a strict quality management system!

10. Product unique

Original boutiques greatly weaken competitive pressures. And there are more than 30 sources for you to choose!

11. Strong capital

Special incentives for high-volume affiliates!

12. Famous effect

Different from the spread of goods, “Shang” has brought the noble “Shang” effect with the top designer resources and high-quality product monitoring!

13. Service full

The professional operation team provides services such as shop decoration and marketing guidance.

14. Brand big

Strong brand effect, good reputation, the agency can obtain the official authorization code of “Shang”.

15. Product is positive

Regular factory documents are complete, officially authorized, to ensure that the source of goods is genuine.

16. Low threshold

No need to stock up, no warehousing, no logistics, one generation. As long as you want to start a business online, you can join as long as you trust the “Shang” brand.

17. Excellent price

At the beginning of the recruitment, low-cost supply, high point profit, and near delivery of ultra-low shipping costs.

18. Fast

Guarantee the order before 16:00 and send the waybill information.

19. In stock

Rich inventory and product type numbers are complete.

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