Solar power generation prospects and current situation analysis

The development of science and technology has led to the advancement of solar power generation, and solar power generation systems have also entered our lives. Looking at the foreign solar photovoltaic power generation industry, it has gradually matured, and the domestic market is also in hot condition. How far can solar power go? Sungzu made a simple analysis of the development prospects of solar power generation.

First, Solar power generation prospects – bright future

Looking at this issue from the perspective of a bystander, from a few years ago: solar power is likely to largely replace the current dominant coal-fired power station, and the current view: solar power has replaced coal. For one reason, the cause of global warming is the increase in carbon dioxide, and the characteristics of solar power generation are low-carbon and environmentally friendly, and the two are suitable combinations. Another reason is that the application of distributed solar power generation effectively improves the quality of life of people in remote areas and solves the problem that the national grid is difficult to transport electricity due to cost and technology. In remote areas, people use solar power to solve electricity problems.

Second, the prospect of solar power generation – home solar energy development has bottlenecks

There are two major points in the development of solar power:

1. The direct current generated by solar power can only be directly used for pure electric resistance appliances such as lighting and heating; if used in refrigerators, washing machines, color TVs, air conditioners, etc., household appliances need to be converted into alternating current through inverters, which can increase the investment and Operation and maintenance costs.

2. Household solar power is usually installed on the roof and the sun wall, requiring a unified design plan. Some places with poor lighting are constrained, combining the first two points, limiting the use of solar power in rural cities.

Third, the prospect of solar power generation – the problem that needs to be solved now

All technologies that can be widely used are constantly changing and innovating. Solar power generation must be widely accepted and used, and the following technical problems must be solved:

1. The first is whether it can greatly improve the conversion efficiency of solar panels. For example, the conversion efficiency of solar panels used on a large scale is increased from about 18% to about 30% under the condition of ensuring cost reduction.

2. Solve the safety problem of the power grid that the large power grid is subjected to the impact and vibration of photovoltaic power generation. Otherwise, the large grid cannot withstand the high proportion of solar photovoltaic power generation impact.

3. Significantly reduce the cost of solar power generation equipment, so that the cost per kilowatt is quite or even lower than the cost of conventional thermal power generation. At present, the cost of conventional thermal power is about 5,000 yuan per kilowatt, while the cost per kilowatt of solar photovoltaic power generation system is about 10,000 yuan. At the same time, the annual effective power generation time of conventional thermal power plants is more than 6,000 hours, and the effective power generation time of solar photovoltaic power generation systems is only 2,000 hours.

From the above analysis, it can be seen that in the long run, the future prospects of solar power generation are bright. If the photovoltaic technology problem fails to improve and adapt, it will become one of the constraints that restrict the development of solar power.

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