Common faults and maintenance methods for solar power generation small systems

In the process of using small solar power systems, there are sometimes some small faults, such as failure to charge, no power output, short working hours, and insufficient battery charging. The following solar power small system manufacturer sungzu will do some analysis and treatment of these small faults.


a. Please confirm that your solar folding bag is the original one? If it is not confirmed that the size of the solar folding bag is the same as the original, different solar folding bags can not only be charged, but may even cause damage to the small solar power system.

b. Check whether the interface of the solar package and the interface of the solar power system are reliable and there are signs of looseness.

c. Please confirm that the total power switch of your portable solar power small system is turned on.

d. It is impossible to charge on rainy days and evenings, or when solar folding bags are blocked.


a. Please confirm whether the total power switch of your solar power system is open.

b. Confirm that the built-in battery has power. Can be judged by the battery power indicator

c. Does the power interface of the workload match the small system?

d. Whether the load is short-circuited or overloaded, resulting in small system self-protection


a. Whether the charging time is too short. Must meet the charging time specified in the instruction manual

b. Is there a lot of rainy days recently, resulting in insufficient charging time?

c. The load power is too large

d. The use time of the power generation system reaches the service life, and the internal battery is aged, consider replacing the battery.

e.MP3 cannot be played. Please confirm that the music saved in your USB or SD card is the music format specified in the manual.

f. There is no radio. FM radio can only have signals in certain areas around the city. If you don’t have a signal outdoors, you can’t listen to FM radio. If you want to listen outdoors, the radio needs to buy two bands with FM and AM.

Based on the above various fault analysis, when you find that the solar power generation system you purchased cannot work, many reasons are caused by humans. Please check the above methods first. If there are any problems, you can contact the manufacturer to return to the factory. service.

Common faults and maintenance methods for solar power generation small systems

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