Protable Solar Generator power supply can not block the cause of lightning current damage

Direct lightning strikes, inductive lightning and lightning electromagnetic pulses can damage the Protable Solar Generatior power supply. These lightning energy is huge, which also causes some Protable Solar Generatior power sources to stop the fate of being damaged. There are several main reasons:

1. There are two types of UPS with lightning protection installed inside

Protable Solar Generatior is equipped with unqualified lightning protection device

This manufacturer only symbolically installs a low-power metal zinc oxide varistor MOV to save costs, which only protects small inductive lightning.

equipped with standard lightning protection device

Some imported UPS and UPS produced by the famous Protable Solar Generatior factory in China comply with the international IEC801-5 standard (suppressing the lightning surge voltage and current surge at the input end of the absorption power supply, the inrush current is 20kA, the pulse voltage is 6kV, and the waveform is 8 / 20μs). These types of Protable Solar Generatior can protect the UPS itself intact and protect other subsequent power supplies and equipment from lightning damage.

Long-term monitoring statistics show that the overvoltage of the general low-voltage overhead line generated by DC lightning strikes can reach 100kV, and the telecommunication line can reach 40~60kV. On unshielded overhead lines, the maximum amplitude of the induced lightning overvoltage is 20kV, and the unshielded underground cable can reach 10kV. It can be seen that even a UPS equipped with a standard lightning protection device is also equipped with an effective high-energy lightning protection device at the front end of its power line (the power distribution room, room, cabinet and box, and the UPS is also damaged by lightning). .

2.Intelligent Protable Solar Generatior, signal interface or remote communication line interface is equipped with missing materials

Some are not equipped with surge circuits, and some are only equipped with low-power surge suppression circuits, which cannot prevent inductive lightning strikes, so their signal or communication line interfaces also become the main channel for lightning wave intrusion.

3.Protable Solar Generatior is installed at the front end of important equipment

When a lightning strikes a low-voltage power line or generates an induced lightning strike on the cable, the overcurrent and overvoltage on the power line pass through the power distribution system, first affecting the UPS. The UPS voltage regulation range is generally 160~260V, three-phase, 320V. ~460V between. It is impossible to prevent the overvoltage range of the 10-20kV lightning shock wave in an instant, so when the lightning strike arrives, it is the first to be hit by the lightning current.

In summary, the Protable Solar Generatiorwithout lightning protection device can be said to have no lightning protection function, and can only be used as a power supply for urban power grid over-voltage or small stray current purification and protection. When a lightning strike occurs, it is first hit; the UPS with lightning protection device cannot fully protect itself, protect the power of other equipment from lightning strikes; direct attack of overhead power lines and signal lines, lightning overvoltage and induced lightning overvoltage are smart protable solar generatior damage. The main reason. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the lightning protection measures of protable solar generatior power supply, which is of great significance.

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