7 protection functions of UPS power supply

The Portable Splar Generator power supply is an uninterruptible power supply with a constant voltage constant frequency, including an energy storage device and an inverter as main components.

In addition to uninterrupted power supply, it has 7 major protection functions:

1.Surge protection

Typically, UPS power systems use a tip-discharge design to absorb surges to avoid the effects of surges and the life and longevity of the equipment.

2. Voltage regulation

The supply voltage is easily affected by the distance and quality of the transmission line. The voltage of the user close to the substation is higher and the voltage of the user away from the substation is lower. If the voltage is too high or too low, it will affect the quality and service life of the user equipment. If it is severe, it will damage the equipment and cause significant damage to the user. The use of the UPS power system provides a stable voltage supply to the user equipment, ensuring proper operation of the equipment and extending its service life.

3. High and low voltage protection

When the supply voltage is high and low, the regulator (UP) in the UP supply maintains the supply voltage within a safe range that can be used to ensure proper operation of the device. When the high and low voltages exceed the available range, the UPS power system will start battery power to ensure continuous operation of the equipment.

4. Harmonic distortion protection

When power is transmitted to the consumer through the transmission and distribution lines, the voltage waveform is distorted and the fundamental current changes to produce harmonics. Harmonics can affect the use of equipment. Through the UPS power supply, it can provide stable and high-quality power for the equipment, effectively improving the operating efficiency and service life of the equipment.

5. Instant protection

In power supplies, voltage surges and voltage dips or transient voltage drops sometimes occur. These issues can affect the accuracy of the device. In severe cases, precision equipment can be damaged and the user suffers losses. The UPS system provides a stable voltage to protect the device.

6. Power failure protection

When the mains power supply suddenly loses power, the UPS power system converts the UPS battery DC power into AC power and continues to supply power to the load to avoid inconvenience and loss caused by power outage.

7. Stable frequency effect

The frequency is the time period during which the power supply changes every second, and 50 Hz is 50 cycles per second. When the utility generator is running, a sudden change in the power consumption of the user terminal causes a change in the rotational speed to make the converted power frequency uncertain. The UPS power conversion power supply provides a stable frequency to ensure proper operation of the instrument and equipment.