December wafer price rose

In December, the order price of silicon materials, whether it is a silicon material factory or a silicon wafer factory, is not reconciled, and the overall price continues to stalemate. From the unexpected rise of downstream polycrystalline batteries, the price of silicon wafers should keep rising in December, while the demand for single crystals is stable, but the overseas trade price is slightly lower than domestic prices. The concentration of the single crystal is higher and the subsequent supply will continue to increase. It is estimated that the price of intensive materials will be reduced by a few dollars in December. The difference between dense materials and broccoli will be further reduced. At present, the price of overseas parts has remained stable. However, the transaction has increased significantly. This indicates that there was no further decline or even a rebound in market demand in December. The transaction price is still between 8.3-9 US dollars per kilogram.

Component price

Although the price of battery chips has risen and the cost of components has increased, the price of components at the end of this year has been agreed and will not change in the short term. Demand for front-runners will be delayed in January next year, as well as inventory trends before the Lunar New Year, orders should not be too deserted. However, demand is expected to weaken significantly after the Lunar New Year. From the recent quotation of parts factories, the price of parts will continue to decline slowly in the first quarter of next year.

Battery price

The battery tablet began negotiations on the price of December this week. Judging from the current quotation, in addition to the traditional single crystal battery, the price of various battery chips has almost completely increased.

Until December, PERC batteries are still in short supply. In the case that it is difficult to find at home and abroad, the price of more than 21.5% double-sided single crystal PERC battery rose from 1.25 yuan per watt in November to 1.28 yuan, an increase of 21.5% or more. The single-sided single-crystal PERC battery price increase is more obvious, from 1.2 yuan per watt to 1.25 yuan. Although the price of the PERC battery has risen significantly, the actual transaction price is still lingering between the buyer and the seller, and has not yet reached the quotation level. In the case that high-efficiency battery chips are still scarce, it is expected that follow-up will be sold at the quotation level.

Overseas prices have also risen together. Especially at the end of the Taiwan market, the demand for popular goods is very strong. The price of a single crystal PERC battery is 0.168-0.172 US dollars per watt.

Not only is the demand for single crystal PERC hot, but the supply is slightly tight in the near term due to the continuous decline in operating rates. Battery manufacturers increased the price of polycrystalline batteries in December. Domestic prices have reached 0.88 yuan per watt, overseas prices. Then hope to rise to more than $0.107. At present, the component factory has not accepted the rise of polycrystalline batteries, and the actual situation in the next few days is expected to be clearer.

Wafer price

This week, the price of overseas wafers continued to decline due to the exchange rate. At present, the order price is mostly between 0.265 and 0.268 US dollars per piece. However, due to the stable overall demand, the price at the beginning of December is further limited. On the other hand, due to the growing demand for polysilicon, coupled with rising battery prices, silicon wafers are also eager to raise prices, but the current supply and demand balance is not sufficient considering the final operating rate of silicon wafers. In this case, once the price increase may stimulate some production to increase again, the high and low prices may rise in the short term, but the overall average price should not increase significantly. At present, the demand for monocrystalline silicon wafers is good, and the price in December has remained basically unchanged.

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