Influence of temperature change on Portable Solar Generator battery and solution

The Portable Solar Generator battery is the protector of the device, and it also needs to be maintained while it protects the device. Under normal circumstances, UPS battery technology requires a design life of 3 to 5 years, but temperature changes will also affect the battery life of the Portable Solar Generator.

The effect of temperature changes on the battery:

Portable Solar Generator batteries are very sensitive to temperature, which affects battery operation, life, discharge capacity and floating voltage. Continued commercial ambient temperatures will cause the floating charge flow to increase, and internal heat will increase water loss too quickly, eventually leading to loss of control and battery damage. According to the technical requirements, the ambient temperature should be controlled within the range of 20 to 25 degrees. When the temperature exceeds 25 degrees, the temperature per 10 liters of battery life is lowered by -50 °C. Therefore, when the ambient temperature is not 25 degrees, the temperature per liter is 1 degree, and the battery floating voltage should be reduced by 3 Mv. If it is lower than 20 degrees, the temperature is reduced by less than 10 degrees, and the temperature is quotient – half, and the voltage of the buck battery should be 3 Mv each time. The battery life is 3 – 5 years, so the ambient temperature is below 20 degrees to 25 degrees and the service life will be shortened – half. As can be seen from the above, battery life is shortened and prematurely ineffective, and the ambient temperature is a deadly killer for the battery.


Install air conditioning equipment, strictly control the ambient temperature of the equipment room, so that the equipment room is always maintained at 20 degrees -25 degrees, thus ensuring the battery to reach a real service life.

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