How to buy outdoor mobile power

1. Preparation before purchase, that is, preliminary determination of capacity and brand

Before purchasing a mobile power supply, we must first consider a few issues and combine our own needs: specific use, location, whether a short-term emergency or long-term outing is required. If it is used for emergency charging, it is necessary to select a relatively small product, such a product is easy to carry, and can also make a call while charging, but relatively speaking, the capacity of the battery is small. If it is used for long-term outdoor use, some products with large battery capacity are needed. This product is relatively large in size and inconvenient to carry. Of course, there are some medium-sized, stylish products that may be a good choice for use on the subway or train. As for the choice of outdoor mobile power brands, I think I want to choose a brand with good quality and good image. You can go to the professional rankings to understand.

2. Try to choose brand products

The establishment of a brand requires advertising, and it needs to be passed on from word to mouth. Choosing a well-known mobile power brand, product quality may be better, and future after-sales service is in place.

3. Selection of energy storage media

The main batteries used in mobile power are nickel-metal hydride batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, liquid lithium-ion batteries and lithium polymer batteries. The latter two types of batteries are mainly sold in the market. You cannot choose to use the first two types of batteries. Both types of batteries have low output efficiency and do not have any advantages. Don’t buy them. Liquid lithium-ion batteries and lithium polymer batteries have relatively stable output efficiencies, especially lithium polymer batteries are lighter, safer and more efficient than liquid lithium-ion batteries.

4. Product appearance and weight

Depending on the application, it is necessary to choose different types of mobile power. Simple emergency use should choose a small mobile power supply, and the backup power supply should select a mobile power with a large capacity. For products with the same function, you should try to choose a light weight product that is easy to carry.

5. Product compatibility

There are many types of mobile phones and other electronic products. The circuit design and interface are different. The same mobile power supply is not suitable for all electronic products. Therefore, you must first understand the interface, voltage and other information required for electronic products before purchasing. If you can try to bring the counter to the test machine. Usually, the charging voltage and current of the mobile phone is 5V1A. If your phone is special, you should confirm the interface with the merchant.

6. Determine the conversion rate

The conversion rate of mobile power is very important. If the conversion rate is too low, it means that the line loss of the mobile power supply will be very large, which may cause heat or even explosion. The conversion rate can take into account the evaluation of each mobile power model. If an ad claims a conversion rate of more than 90%, it may be reported incorrectly. Typically, products with a conversion rate of about 85% are already very good.

7. Product accessories and additional features

While the main function of mobile power is charging, some additional features will bring us more benefits. For example, there are multiple charging adapters that can extend the range of use, and dual interfaces can simultaneously charge two electronic products, and LED lighting can be used in emergency situations. In addition, some mobile power supplies have a solar charging function. This is actually a chicken rib. Because many users find that solar charging is basically not enough, the time is too slow.

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