Efficient products will be the direction of marketization

China’s photovoltaic market, due to the existence of photovoltaic subsidies. The existence of subsidies determines the policy limitations of the PV market. However, we should be very optimistic that under the leadership of domestic policies, PV has survived the instability of the EU PV industry in 2013. After the competition of the third leader and the 531 baptism in 2018, the direction of the industry is more rational. The low-cost cost factor, the single price component market mechanism is transformed into a track of various comprehensive skills, and low cost becomes one of the conditions for selecting component types. The homogenization of competition has become a competition for technical routes and system integration. This is what policy makers are happy to see.

It will be completed in 2018. Soon, the 2018 leader’s reward indicator and the fourth batch of contestants will be introduced. The secondary companies of some power generation groups are also secretly encouraging themselves to actively study strategies and methods for affordable Internet access. In addition, with the large-scale deployment of high-efficiency products in China and the popularity of experienced power plants, the logic of using efficient products will gradually be accepted by overseas customers, and the overseas market share will also expand. Efficient products will become the dominant direction in the future market. After all, only efficient, can clearly distinguish the technical route, in order to break the curse of a single price cut, to avoid the love of chicken feathers. Despite the high capacity constraints, the price level will be high to some extent, but in the trend, efficient products will be the direction of marketization.

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