The application of mobile solar portable generator in medical equipment has become a trend.

The use of Mobile Solar Portable Generator in medical devices has become a trend. As the global population ages, the demand for medical care increases year by year. With the promotion of the market, mobile portable UPS power has become a new bright spot in the development of medical equipment. This article sungzu Xiaobian mainly studies the application and development trend of portable UPS in the field of medical equipment electronics.

Development background of Mobile Solar Portable Generator:

On the one hand, factors such as the improvement of people’s living standards and the increase in demand for medical services in remote areas are driving the transformation of traditional medical methods. Mobile and portable UPS power is becoming a key factor affecting the medical electronics industry.

On the other hand, the development of semiconductor technology has driven the pace of medical innovation at an unprecedented rate. With the rapid processing of computing, high-precision analog-to-digital conversion, and advances in wireless networking technology, medical electronics have become portable and miniaturized.

Portable UPS addresses the requirements of low power consumption, miniaturization and ease of use in the design of medical electronics. Mobile portable UPS has begun to become portable on medical device products, and the market is very large. Consumers in the market are very interested in such products, and the market prospects are good in the future.

Mobile portable UPS application on medical equipment:

Portable UPS medical devices have strict requirements on volume at the beginning of their birth – requiring the internal components of the device to be as small and practical as possible. However, as a key component of medical equipment, the traditional transformer linear power supply has been unable to meet the market demand due to its excessive size. The medical dedicated power supply uses the PWM switch control mode, which greatly reduces the size of the transformer and greatly improves the efficiency of the power supply. This is undoubtedly the improvement of the battery life of portable medical equipment powered by lithium batteries. Critical.

Portable medical wireless digital X-ray imaging equipment

Portable medical wireless digital X-ray imaging equipment has played an active role in the imaging market. Digital imaging devices have matured after many developmental obstacles, and have been freed from the cumbersome and difficult to use situation, becoming a lightweight device that fully meets the requirements of portable imaging.

In portable wireless mode, the relationship between image quality and efficiency is clearly visible. In the traditional computerized X-ray mode, technicians need to constantly move around and prepare a cassette for each patient to get the results. Most of the inspections take a few minutes to complete. However, since the technician needs to return to the departmental exposure cassette, the radiologist and the referral doctor will have 20 to 30 minutes of waiting time before getting the image. These images can be viewed by a doctor within 4 to 5 minutes using a portable UPS.

The development trend of portable UPS:

Portable UPS is gaining popularity in medical devices, and portable medical device power management solutions will become more and more mature. Highly isolated DC-DC power supplies that meet medical certification will be more popular. With the ever-increasing demands of power technology, the development prospects of portable UPS are unstoppable.

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