Portable solaer generator composition and maintenance testing

In normal use, the battery generally has self-discharge phenomenon, so if it is not used for a long time, the energy will be lost, so regular charge and discharge are needed to prevent energy loss. Solar mobile power is defined as having the advantages of being portable and portable, and converting solar energy into electrical energy and storing it in a battery. The portable solar generator system consists of five parts: power input circuits such as main circuit, bypass, battery, AC/DC converter rectifier, DC/AC converter, inverter and bypass output switch circuit, and energy storage battery.便携式ups

Professional testing (inspection and testing) personnel can determine the quality of the battery by measuring the open circuit voltage of the battery. Take a 12V battery as an example. If the open circuit voltage is higher than 12.5V, it means that the battery has more than 80% energy storage. If the open circuit voltage is lower than 12.5V, it should be charged immediately.

In addition, if the open circuit voltage is lower than 12V, it means that the battery storage energy is less than 20%, and the battery may not work properly.

In addition, since the maintenance-free battery uses an absorbing electrolyte system, no gas is generated during normal use, but if the user uses it improperly, the battery is overcharged to generate gas. Will increase, therefore, will open the pressure valve on the battery, in severe cases, the battery will rise, deform, leak or even rupture.

All of the above phenomena can be judged from the appearance. If you find this, you should replace the battery immediately.

In addition to the above, a discharge test (TestMeasure) was periodically performed, the battery voltage was measured, and the appearance of the battery was visually inspected for deformation or expansion and leakage. You should also check the battery’s battery +, – the electrode is oxidized regularly; the battery terminals are loose. In addition, the longer the battery is used, the more intensive the maintenance, UHOTOSHOP can be used without delay. The best use of the battery is between 0 °C and 40 °C, avoid direct sunlight and keep it clean and ventilated.

Finally, it should be reminded that the person responsible for battery maintenance should perform battery maintenance under the guidance of a professional engineer, or directly ask a professional engineer for battery maintenance to avoid electric shock.


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