Small knowledge of mobile power

Mobile power supply has become an indispensable digital equipment in the daily life of most consumers. Whether in the subway, or on the flight, train or coach to the destination, we can see its shape. While we enjoy the convenience of mobile power supply, its security performance. It’s also something everyone needs to be familiar with. After all, the lithium-ion battery inside it will end the life of the mobile power supply ahead of schedule due to the wrong operation.
Since most mobile power supplies on the market today are made up of three main components: lithium batteries (including 18650 or polymer), circuit boards and shells, people have a traditional impression that when it comes to the safety of lithium batteries, they automatically associate themselves with “explosions.” So today we’re going to talk about how to do it in everyday life. Use the correct operation of the mobile power supply to avoid the emergence of lithium batteries within the mobile power supply of various dead methods.
Small knowledge of mobile power.
Because the lithium-ion batteries inside the mobile power supply are proportional to the weight, and some mobile power supplies with a capacity of tens of thousands of milliamperes have a weight of more than 200 g, plus the use of plastic enclosure design, it is easy to break the product enclosure in the event of a fall. In particular, the cheap, low-quality mobile power supply is made of very fragile recycled plastic.
In our daily use of mobile power supply, we should also try to avoid too low or too high ambient temperature, so as to avoid the sudden drop in capacity or permanent damage to the battery, directly scrapped.
With the popularity of lithium batteries in recent years, more and more electronic products almost use it to replace traditional batteries. When lithium batteries first appeared, because of technical reasons, their safety performance is very low, fire and explosion is very common, but after continuous improvement of technology, now lithium batteries have a higher safety performance. However, piercing or burning will cause the lithium battery to smoke or explode.
So when we need to discard the mobile power supply, we must not throw it into the fire or discard it with the domestic waste, a certain degree of piercing, rolling and burning will appear smoke or explosion hazards, as well as serious harm to the environment. It is worth noting that the use of poor chargers also has a certain probability of lithium battery explosion, compared with the discharge process, lithium battery charging is the most dangerous, which is why most mobile phone explosions occur during charging. So we should buy reliable or original chargers to charge our phones when we use them everyday.
Due to the chemical characteristics of lithium batteries, even if placed unused, there will be a slow drop in voltage, which is often referred to as lithium battery self-discharge phenomenon. In addition, the phenomenon of lithium battery self-discharge in the mobile power supply is more obvious, because most of the current mobile power supply internal core is directly welded to the circuit board, consumers can not take out the battery to store alone when not in use, and the circuit board standby or dormant circuit is always in working state, for a long time. It will consume electricity.
Although the core protection circuit inside the mobile power supply will automatically cut off the circuit to reduce the self-loss when the core power (voltage) drops to a certain value, the low voltage of the protection circuit of the mobile power supply is different in the market at present, so we should try to avoid the mobile power supply when prompting the insufficient power. For a long time (three to six months or longer, depending on the amount of self-loss of the mobile power supply) not to be placed, at this time the battery will overdischarge, or even lead to a sharp decline in the capacity of the battery. So after we buy the mobile power supply, charge and discharge every certain time, is the best way to extend its life.

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