Cascade utilization of decommissioned batteries

In daily life, we have had such experience.:The battery that is exhausted in the toy car is loaded into the TV remote controller, and the battery can be used normally.In fact, the battery has not been depleted of electricity, but the current is too small to drive the toy car, television remote control power demand is relatively small, so the battery can continue to use.
Battery is not a trivial matter.
This is in daily life through the “cascade utilization” to achieve full use of batteries.Nowadays, social life seems to be inseparable from batteries, ranging from remote control to new energy vehicles, data center rooms, substations and so on.At present, China’s battery consumption is huge every year, and a large number of batteries are eliminated.
So the question is, how can we realize the “cascade utilization” of power resources in the social system and give full play to the “waste battery” waste heat?
What about waste batteries? The Chinese government gives the best!
In terms of power battery recycling, the Ministry of industry and information released the data:”After 2018, the new energy vehicle power battery will be decommissioned on a large scale, and it is expected to accumulate more than 200,000 tons (24.6 GWh) by 2020,If 70% can be used for cascade utilization, about 60 thousand tons of accumulative batteries need to be scrapped. ”
Based on these retired batteries, which have environmental impacts, potential safety hazards and resource recovery pressures,At the end of February 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the Energy Bureau jointly issued the Interim Measures for the Recycling and Utilization of Power Storage Batteries for New Energy Vehicles (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Joint Section [2018] 43).Encourage the society to make rational and creative use of waste batteries, and provide an important guarantee for the healthy development of new energy vehicle power battery recycling industry.
However, in the recycling of other batteries, there is still a lack of domestic policy support and business model exploration.
“Retirement battery” get “again on duty” opportunities
China’s first “cascade utilization of substation decommissioning batteries”Kehua Hengsheng New energy development
In Guangzhou area, about 100 VRLA batteries are decommissioned from Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau of Southern China Power Grid every year. After repairing, 5 800 VRLA batteries can be used with a total capacity of 3.5 MWh.These are enough for a laptop to run for 60 thousand hours.
In order to improve the utilization efficiency of power resources and realize the green and sustainable development of energy ecology,Kehua Hengsheng and Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau of China Southern Power Grid try to use the decommissioned batteries of substations as energy storage stations to build a demonstration project of cascade utilization and energy storage of decommissioned batteries in Guangzhou Baitu substation.
As the first cascade utilization project of decommissioned batteries in substations in China, the demonstration project is required to be constructed in accordance with the Notice of National Key R&D Program for Key Special Projects of Smart Grid Technology and Equipment in 2016 (No. 55, Production and Distribution [2015]), and belongs to the State Key R&D program.
The first phase includes 30 sets of energy storage systems and 5 energy storage containers. Nearly 30 decommissioned batteries in substations have been re-installed.
The project flexibly uses the solutions of Kehua Hengsheng SPH series energy storage converter and EMS intelligent energy management system to realize the management testing and monitoring of peak-valley operation, scheduling response strategy, problem battery management, storage tank operation and group operation.——This is like wearing an “intelligent stethoscope” for “re-work battery”. Through the EMS intelligent energy management system, the operation of the decommissioned battery cascade utilization system is monitored, analyzed and tracked remotely, and the problem battery is automatically isolated and laid off. The system is intelligent, informational and unattended. Run, optimize and reduce energy costs.       More efficient and more sustainable                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Since the demonstration project was put into operation in December, 2017, the Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau of Kehua Hengsheng Power Supply Co., Ltd. has realized the reuse of 30 sets of retired batteries, with a total of more than 60 cycles.On the one hand, the cascade utilization of decommissioned batteries in substations is explored technically, and a breakthrough is achieved in the ecological design, system construction and value extraction of the cascade utilization of batteries.On the other hand, it has made a useful attempt to establish an effective cooperation mechanism with enterprises and a market-oriented mechanism for the cascade utilization of retired batteries. It has realized the recycling of electric power resources in the social system and solved the problems of environmental protection, safety and resource recovery brought about by retired batteries. It has gained the leadership of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the South Grid. Evaluation and full recognition.
Technology, a new green hope for the world
At present, the development of green circulation and low carbon has become the main direction of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation in the times.Premier Li Keqiang also pointed out in his report on the work of the government that the development target of reducing energy consumption per unit of gross domestic product by more than 3% should be achieved by 2018, and that higher quality, more efficient, fairer and more sustainable development 。
Cascade utilization of retired batteries, as an important means to promote the fundamental transformation of resource utilization, has promoted the reduction, reuse and reuse of production, circulation and consumption processes, embodied the green production capacity of Kehua Hengsheng New Energy Solution, and left behind for the recycling of social resources and the creation of a harmonious and unified ecological environment. More space, more green.

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