Silicon wafer supply and demand ratio imbalance

The dilemma of silicon wafer supply and demand imbalance has not yet found an effective balance method, and manufacturers will inevitably withdraw. Silicon chips are still the main target for maintaining cost operations, but the situation with upstream chips is relatively stable. Demand in the end market continues to heat up, perhaps giving the battery and component manufacturers a glimmer of hope. As the Chinese government’s policy directives are expected to push the market warmer, the already weak demand has gradually stabilized. I believe that in the next few weeks, this will be a getting better momentum.


This week, only the price of overseas monocrystalline silicon wafers was driven by demand. Polysilicon wafer manufacturers have made price stability a major indicator and are no longer sold at prices below the cost of cash. Regarding utilization, regardless of single polysilicon, first-line manufacturers still have a large advantage, and small and medium-sized factories are more difficult under the double squeeze of price and capacity. At present, domestic monocrystalline prices remain at 3~3.10RMB / Pc, polycrystalline prices remain at 2.07~2.15RMB / Pc, and black silicon product prices remain unchanged at 2.2RMB / Pc. The single crystal in the overseas market is maintained at 0.38~0.390USD / Pc, the polycrystalline price is maintained at 0.254~0.269USD / Pc, and the price of black silicon product is slightly decreased to 0.305USD / Pc.

Silicon material

This week, silicon material prices are still running at low levels. Compared with second- and third-line small factories, first-line factories can slightly support prices. The newly opened low-cost production line has not yet reached full mass production, so there is a certain difference in supply and demand of cost calculation, which indirectly affects downstream purchase intention and price acceptance. After the low-cost production line is opened and the high-cost production line exits, it is estimated that the cost perception of the buyer and the seller will be the same, but the demand side still has the final price decision, because if there is no strong demand, the price is lower. To no avail. At present, the price of domestic polycrystalline materials is 73~82 yuan/KG, the average price is reduced to 75RMB / KG, the price of single crystal materials is 80~84RMB / KG, and the average price is reduced to 82RMB / KG. Overseas prices remain unchanged at 9~10.2USD / KG.


The trading price of the parts market this week was basically flat. Although the polycrystalline products are quoted but the actual transaction is not much, the overall price is flat or even small. The turnover of single crystal components is even more intense, but it cannot push up the price due to the lack of urgent orders.

At present, China’s domestic polycrystalline (270W~275W) is maintained at 1.78~1.85RMB / W, the average price is reduced to 1.80RMB / W, and the high efficiency polycrystalline (280~285W) is maintained at 1.80~1.93RMB / W. In general, the price of single crystal (290~295W) is maintained at 1.83~1.96RMB / W, the high efficiency single crystal (300~305W) is kept at 2.12~2.20RMB / W, and the high efficiency single crystal crystal (> 310W) is kept at 2.20. RMB / W. above price. The average polycrystalline price in overseas markets was lowered to 0.215~0.270USD / W, the average price was lowered to 0.216USD / W, and the high-efficiency polycrystalline correction range was 0.220~0.275USD / W. Usually, the single crystal remained at 0.2420.360 USD / W, High-efficiency single crystals are maintained at 0.265 to 0.390 USD / W.


This week, the battery market is still focused on high-efficiency products, while domestic and foreign single-crystal PERC batteries are out of stock. Polycrystalline products have been able to stabilize prices due to increased demand. The visibility of global demand continues to rise and it is estimated that December will be better than November.

At present, the price of ordinary polycrystalline batteries in mainland China is 0.8~0.85RMB / W, the average single crystal price is 1~1.06RMB / W, the high efficiency single crystal is 1.12~1.17RMB / W, and the high efficiency single crystal (> 21.5% )slightly increased. Increase to 1.2~1.25RMB / W, the average price is raised to 1.22RMB / W. The price of double-sided battery is raised to 1.25~1.30RMB / W. The foreign general polycrystal is kept at 0.095~0.130USD / W, the general single crystal is kept at 0.121~0.129USD / W, high-efficiency single crystal is adjusted to 0.145~0.165USD / W, and the ultra-high efficiency single crystal (> 21.5%) is raised to 0.16~0.172USD / W.

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