Polysilicon price fluctuations slow down

This week, the domestic polysilicon quality materials price range was 8.18 to 82,000 yuan / ton, the average price fell to 81,600 yuan / ton, down 0.85%. The mainstream price of polysilicon wafers is 2.08-2.20 yuan/piece, and the average price remains unchanged at 2.12 yuan/piece. The mainstream price of monocrystalline silicon wafers is 3.00-3.10 yuan per piece, and the average price is 3.05 yuan per piece per week, down 0.65%.

Domestic polysilicon prices fell slightly this week. The mainstream trading of different grades of silicon materials is as follows: the mainstream trading range of special grade materials is 8.18-82,000 yuan / ton, and the mainstream trading volume of first grade dense materials is 77-800 yuan / ton. Mainstream transactions are expected to be between 7.4 and 77,000 yuan / ton. The new volume this week is mainly the December order. Demand pessimism led to a continued decline in the price of silicon materials in the third round of this year. However, the price cuts of various companies have tightened. The main reason is that according to the current market price, most domestic enterprises are striving to survive the cost, and the space for price reduction is extremely limited.

As of this week, only one company has not resumed normal production, and another silicon material company has chosen to stop production and maintenance, and to stop losses in time to avoid cost reduction. As of the end of November, a total of 17 domestic enterprises were put into production, 24 fewer than the beginning of the year. In November, domestic polysilicon production was about 20,900 tons, down 0.48% from the previous month. The main reason was that Yichang CSG, Erdos, Inner Mongolia Dongli and Huanghe Hydropower were repaired by almost every year. In the month, monthly production decreased by 2,000 tons compared to normal production. In Xinjiang, which was put into operation at the end of October, Xinjiang Poly GCL, Inner Mongolia Tongwei and Xinjiang Daquan, released about 500 tons in November, which has little impact on the overall domestic supply. As a result, total domestic polysilicon production declined in November.

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