The market share of the crystal market will soon stabilize before the end of 2020

Among the exports of all single crystal modules in the first three quarters of 2018, the total export volume was 300W, 345W and 340W, with exports of 1,241 MW, 1,072 MW and 955 MW respectively. The top five exporters of these three categories are as follows:

In the Middle East and Australia, Jinko Energy has received orders for parts for large power plants, supplying 340-345W single crystal components, enabling Jingke to become the export champion of 300/340 / 345W single crystal components in 2018, followed by Longji. In addition, due to the use of single crystal modules in large power stations in the Middle East and Australia, the market share of single crystals in these two markets in 2018 is higher than the global average. In the parts exported to the Middle East by China in June this year, the proportion of single crystals was as high as 66.6%.

Another market worthy of attention is Europe. The European market is entering a recovery phase. After the MIP ended on September 3, China’s monthly exports to Europe increased by 34%, mainly due to the increase in exports of monocrystalline silicon modules.

In addition, since the two major markets in Europe and the United States were affected by trade barriers in the past, many components were provided by overseas production capacity, and China’s component exports could not fully reflect the market’s single polycrystalline market. China’s wafer production capacity accounts for more than 97% of global production. Therefore, analyzing the export sales of Chinese silicon wafers can more accurately determine the proportion change of the single polysilicon market.

According to EnergyTrend, China’s wafer exports have declined slightly since 2018, but the proportion of monocrystalline silicon wafers has been on the rise since 2Q18, close to 50% and is expected to rise. The market share of the crystal market is about to stabilize, and the single crystal may reverse its market share by the end of 2020.

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