Advantages and disadvantages of polyester material

Polyester has excellent shape characteristics. Polyester yarns or fabrics can be used for a long time after being washed several times in use. Polyester is the simplest of the three synthetic fibers and is relatively inexpensive. In addition, it is durable, flexible, non-deformable, corrosion resistant, insulating, easy to clean and dry. There are many types of polyester fabrics. In addition to woven pure polyester fabrics, there are many products that are blended or interwoven with various textile fibers. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of polyester materials:

Polyester material advantages

1, good flexibility

The elasticity is close to that of wool, and when it is stretched by 5% to 6%, it can be almost completely recovered. The wrinkle resistance is superior to other fibers, that is, the fabric is not wrinkled, and the dimensional stability is good. The modulus of elasticity is 22 to 141 cN/dtex, which is 2 to 3 times higher than that of nylon.

2. Synthetic fiber fabric has good heat resistance and thermoplasticity

3. Good light resistance, light resistance is second only to acrylic

4. Good chemical resistance

Acid and alkali are not much damaged, and they are not afraid of mold and insects.

5. High strength and elastic recovery

It is durable, wrinkle-free and non-iron.

6. Good water absorption

Polyester material disadvantage

Poor dyeability

1.There is no specific staining gene, dyeing is difficult, and the dyeability is poor, but the color fastness after dyeing is very good and it is not easy to fade.

2. Poor resistance to melting

The anti-melting property is poor. If it is exposed to holes such as Mars and soot, it is easy to form holes. Avoid wearing cigarettes and sparks when wearing. The hot base can decompose it.

3. Easy to play

One of the synthetic fiber products, after a period of use, will pilling.

4. Poor hygroscopicity

Polyester fabric, poor hygroscopicity, wearing a stuffy feeling, easy to bring static electricity, contaminated with dust, but it is easy to dry after cleaning, the wet strength is almost no drop, no deformation, wearability is very good.

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