Long-lasting portable outdoor power supply

For those who like outdoor activities, outdoor power outages have become a headache. After all, more and more devices now require electricity. If there is not enough power, it will undoubtedly bring a lot of obstacles to outdoor games. The Sungzu design team’s SKA 1000 outdoor power supply can effectively solve this problem, making it a portable outdoor power supply.

The portable outdoor power supply, called the SKA 1000, is a big guy, so it has a strong endurance. Built-in high-capacity 18650 battery, the power is not comparable to the average charging treasure.

The SKA 1000’s high-strength aluminum body is sturdy and durable. The top handle is also made of aluminum, making this product more suitable for outdoor use.

The SKA 1000 has AC, DC, and USB interfaces and provides a standard power interface. Not only can digital devices be adapted, but high-powered electrical devices can also be adapted. Product output supports 220V\110V, 19V, 12V, 5V for all types of electrical equipment.

The SKA 1000 features the latest embedded MPPT solar control system for high reliability and reliability, and can be used by many devices at the same time, such as mobile phones and laptops, even air conditioners and home appliances. This is great for those who like to work outdoors or camp outdoors on weekends, just put it in the trunk of the car.

Mobile life, a steady stream.

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