Energy storage has become the key to the future development of the new energy market

New energy + energy storage, leading a new era of energy revolution!

Clean energy has ushered in a golden opportunity for development, and the energy storage market is experiencing explosive growth opportunities. According to the incomplete statistics of the Zhongguancun Energy Storage Industry Technology Alliance, by the end of 2017, the cumulative installed capacity of global energy storage projects reached 175.4 GW, with an annual growth rate of 3.9%. China’s energy storage projects put into operation have a cumulative installed capacity of 28.9 GW, an annual growth rate of 18.9%, and a growth rate of about five times that of the world.

From the current form of China’s energy supply, under the general trend of energy interconnection, the development of distributed power has become a future development trend. At the same time, this is also the key to breaking the current bottleneck of photovoltaics and wind power. In distributed power generation modes and distributed power modes such as offshore wind power, energy storage is extremely important. Combined with energy storage, we can take advantage of new energy sources such as photovoltaics. It can be said that energy storage is the basis for the future development of new energy industries such as photovoltaic power generation.

At present, energy storage is mainly used in distributed generation and microgrid energy storage systems, accounting for 56% of the total installed capacity, followed by renewable energy development. In the field of centralized renewable energy generation, energy storage is mainly used to track planned output, smooth output and participate in peak shaving and FM auxiliary services.

Two major opportunities for the future development of China’s energy storage

As a reasonable solution to solve new energy consumption, improve grid stability, and improve utilization efficiency of power distribution systems, the development of China’s energy storage industry needs to accelerate under the trend of global energy storage applications. Relying on China’s huge market capacity and scale advantages, the future development of China’s energy storage has ushered in two major opportunities.

Opportunity 1:

With the development momentum of distributed photovoltaic power generation, with the “photovoltaic + energy storage” as a breakthrough, enter the distributed power market, so that energy storage becomes the standard of distributed power plants. In this way, not only can the proportion of spontaneous use of the distributed power source be increased, but also the local energy consumption of the new energy source can be improved, the stability of the power grid can be ensured, and the power limitation problem of the new energy source can be solved. In this development, commercial-grade energy storage on the user side is a hot spot, including the energy storage of this valley fill, for energy storage or integrated energy services in industrial and commercial buildings. There are such microgrids and so on. Shengshi Sunshine Container Energy Storage Equipment is mainly for large-scale industrial and commercial, off-site power generation and grid-side energy-saving requirements for backup power and peak-filled filling. At the same time, it provides users with container-type large-scale energy storage system solutions, bringing benefits to enterprises and bringing benefits to investors. The benefits of stability provide power support for the country’s stable power development.

Opportunity 2:

It is predicted that China’s new energy vehicle market will usher in the first wave of power battery “recycling tide” in 2018. By 2020, the cumulative scrap of China’s electric vehicle power batteries will reach 170,000 tons. At that time, the use of power battery ladders will become an important opportunity for the energy storage market. With the improvement of technical and policy guidance, the use of power battery ladders is expected to further open up energy storage applications.

In any case, the energy storage market has erupted on the eve. As long as we seize the opportunity and use production, China’s energy storage market is expected to rise like photovoltaic power.

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