How to choose a quality Portable Solar Panel Charger?

With the advancement of society and the development of science and technology, solar energy storage is more widely used.
The solar folding bag is a new type of solar energy storage product with the characteristics of being foldable and easy to carry. It is an essential energy storage product for outdoor activities.

How to choose a quality solar folding bag? However, it has been plagued by the vast number of consumers. Today, sungzu will make a summary of the use, performance and types of solar folding bags. I believe it will be helpful to those in need!
Solar folding bag use:
The solar folding package is a new type of solar energy storage product with intelligent adjustment function to adjust different output voltages and currents. It can be charged by digital products such as MP3.MP4.ipad, digital camera, mobile phone. The solar folding bag is small in size, high in capacity and long in service life. It is suitable for working environment such as business trip, tourism, long-distance passenger boat, field work, and student backup power.
Solar folding package performance:
1. Conversion efficiency refers to the conversion of light energy into electrical energy. The conversion rate of ordinary solar folding package is 14-16%, the charging speed is slow, and the conversion rate of good solar folding package can reach about 23%.
2. The voltage regulator chip plays the role of control circuit and protection circuit. The general solar folding package uses a general-purpose voltage regulator chip, which can not control the circuit very well. It is easy to reduce the service life of our digital product battery or even damage digital products. This shows that a good voltage regulator chip is very important.
3, solar folding bag charger accessories, this problem is most easily ignored by consumers, but it is the most can not be ignored. There are bad sellers on the market who use inferior accessories for greater profits.
Solar folding bag type:
Solar folding bags are generally between 5W and 300W, too much power is not used and is not easy to produce.
Manufacturers can customize solar folding bags (size, power, shape, folding number, output interface, etc.) according to the needs of consumer customers.


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