Battery fire safety instructions

When we use electronic products, we can’t do without battery power. Battery safety is also a problem that cannot be ignored, so we need to understand the safety of battery fire protection.

1. The room should be kept clean and there should be no flammable materials to prevent contact with sulfuric acid.

2. The battery pack should be installed in a dedicated room. Frosted glass or white plain glass should be applied to the sunny window. The entire room is coated with acid-proof paint, and the entrance of the battery room should be equipped with an explosion-proof door bucket to avoid direct collusion with other housekeeping staff. The battery unit is located on the board.

3. The battery and frame are separated from the floor application gasket. However, battery trays below 48V may not be equipped with gaskets. The distance between the battery and the wall should not be less than 150mm. When arranged on both sides, the width of the passage between the battery packs shall not be less than 1 m; the arrangement on one side shall not be less than 0.8 m.

4. Large acid storage rooms should be equipped with a special acid conditioning chamber for storing sulfuric acid and preparing electrolytes. The battery compartment should be provided with ventilation. All electricity discharged from hydrogen, oxygen and sulphuric acid gases discharged during charging to the two battery compartments shall comply with explosion-proof requirements and the lighting circuit shall be made of acid-resistant wires.

Pay attention to the small details in life and learn more about safety.

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