How to maintain the protable solar generator battery

The battery is a key component of the portable solar generator. In large and medium-sized UPS equipment, the price of UPS battery is much larger than that of UPS. It can be said that battery maintenance is the biggest guarantee for UPS. Battery maintenance can be divided into two parts: routine maintenance and special maintenance.

1. Daily maintenance

In areas where the power supply is not frequently cut off, the UPS should be subjected to shallow discharge treatment every month, and moderate discharge treatment should be performed every 3 months, regardless of whether the power supply is cut off or not every 9 months. Deep discharge. The discharge of the battery is to manually disconnect the AC power and use the U P S inverter to power the load. The normal discharge capacity of shallow discharge is 1/5 of the total capacity of the battery, medium discharge is 1/3~1/2 of the battery capacity, and deep discharge is 4/5 of the battery capacity. The daily maintenance of the battery is to maintain the activity of the battery, it can effectively avoid acidification of the panel, so that the panel is always in good working condition. It should be noted that after the UPS has been operating effectively for more than two years, the discharge level should be reduced by a certain amount.

2. Special maintenance

The UPS unit will enter the special maintenance phase of the battery after six months of continuous operation. The special maintenance method is to periodically check the battery pack battery capacity difference (4~6 months). The specific method is to separately measure the terminal voltage of each battery in the battery pack. When it is found that the voltage difference between the respective battery terminals is higher than 0.5V, it is necessary to separately charge the battery with the low-end voltage, and pay special attention to the battery in future maintenance. After three or more consecutive times, special maintenance must be performed after the battery voltage is abnormal. Although the design life of commonly used NP series batteries is generally more than 5-8 years, the nominal cycle life of ordinary UPS power supplies is about 3 years. Battery life that lacks scientific and effective maintenance is usually within about 2 years.

Therefore, regular maintenance of the battery pack can extend its service life and ensure the power-off delay capability of the machine.

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