Definition of photovoltaic power generation

Photovoltaic power generation refers to the use of the photoelectric properties of photovoltaic materials to convert the radiant energy of light into electrical energy (DC), and then into the new energy generation of the three-phase AC grid through the inverter.

Different from the large power and large area of large-scale photovoltaic power plants, household-type photovoltaic power generation refers to placing photovoltaic panels on the top floor or courtyard of a family house, using a small power or micro-inverter for the commutation process, and directly using the New energy can also add excess power to the grid.

At present, this kind of household-type photovoltaic power generation has been widely promoted in some countries such as Europe and the United States, but it is still in the initial stage due to some problems in the domestic cost and technical aspects, but with the improvement of the country’s loyalty, support The increase will become a hot research direction and industry chain in the future.

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