How to buy solar charging folding bag

The principle of solar backpack:The principle of solar backpack:
The solar panel absorbs solar energy and converts the solar energy into electrical energy, which is stored in the built-in battery, and charges or supplies various mobile phones or electronic products according to different interfaces, and is suitable for emergency use without electricity.
The solar backpack looks like an ordinary backpack in appearance, but the difference is that it has a solar panel in front of it. The solar panel absorbs solar energy and converts the solar energy into electrical charge while storing the absorbed charge in a power box. This power box is hidden inside the backpack and can be directly connected to the charger of the mobile phone, MP3, digital camera for charging.

Solar folding bag SD series:

In order to prevent people from experiencing the loss of electronic equipment during their travels, Sungzu Jingrui has developed the SD series of solar folding bags, which can be used to charge electronic devices such as mobile phones or tablets through its built-in 60W high-efficiency solar panels. The backpack stores the power it receives directly in the solar panels on top of it and then powers any connected devices.

The SD series power unit features a stylish urban design that is not only extremely durable, but also waterproof and shockproof. The main body of the backpack is made of a special polyester 600D material, which keeps the packaging intact and greatly extends the life of the solar energy. The internal is equipped with a voltage-proof protective cable box to stabilize the voltage and safe output, but the smartest part is its external solar panel, which can charge the backpack at any time in a sunny place. The Shangzu SD series solar folding backpack is basically a very convenient battery pack.

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