Whether the protective wire box is made of metal or plastic is good

Usually, in home decoration projects, PVC boxes are usually used. The small ears on either side of the box are usually buried in the wall, and the wires are also in the box. During use, if the box is loose, it is difficult to touch the box, this time more dangerous.

Therefore, be careful when repairing the cable box to avoid potential safety hazards when the wire hits the iron screw. Many people say that plastic boxes are prone to aging, especially small ears on both sides are easily damaged. However, in fact, the boxes are mounted on the wall and they usually do not damage themselves when they are not frequently disassembled and accidentally damaged. In addition, the screw holes of the high-quality plastic box are equipped with copper nuts to ensure maximum safety.

Some people say that it is best to use a galvanized iron box, which is not as aging as plastic boxes and more durable. However, if a wire box is used, the ground wire must be used so that when the wire breaks and leaks, it trips immediately to protect the electrical safety.
Many people think that the iron box is relatively strong and resistant to corrosion and has a high degree of protection. However, the metal iron box has no plastic box and is easy to construct, and the hard wire of the iron box must be grounded. However, in real life, many developers are cutting corners on the ground and don’t pay much attention to it. If there is no iron box, there is no practical plastic box.

In real life, flame retardant metal boxes are commonly used in public places for fire protection purposes. But after a long time, the metal box will rust and the small earplugs next to it will slide easily. Therefore, from a practical point of view, it is best to use a high quality plastic casing with a higher safety factor.