a school bag that can be folded and can generate electricity

Everyone’s impression of a backpack can still be a huge and cumbersome impression. If you put more things on your back, it will be heavy, it will only store things, and there are no other extra features. If the fabric is not good, if it is good, it will get wet on rainy days. It will be very troublesome to use after a few days of drying. With the advent of sungzu solar folding, these problems will be solved.


First of all, it has black and camouflage two-color options, stylish personality, looks simple and generous. The unique folding design is light and portable, with no heavy load on the back. Made of polyester 600D material, waterproof performance is better. It is equipped with a voltage-proof protective wire box to stabilize the voltage and safe output, so that you can charge it with confidence. Applicable to mobile phones, tablets, mobile power, cameras, psp and other products, put on charge.

The future will be a technology-led world that will enter our lives and benefit humanity. The combination of solar folding backpacks will be a small helper to help us summarize everything. Technology that will become a family member. Effectively and intelligently summarizing everything we use in the future, we can help us stay outdoors and let us calmly face extreme environments.

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