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AC to DC working principle

AC/DC conversion is the conversion of analog V (eg V = 5V) to digital D (eg D = 255). There are many types of analog/digital (AC/DC) conversions, such as count comparison types, successive approximation types, double integral types, and the like. The successive approximation type is often used in integrated circuit devices, and the basic […]

Long-lasting portable outdoor power supply

For those who like outdoor activities, outdoor power outages have become a headache. After all, more and more devices now require electricity. If there is not enough power, it will undoubtedly bring a lot of obstacles to outdoor games. The Sungzu design team’s SKA 1000 outdoor power supply can effectively solve this problem, making it […]

The attenuation of photovoltaic modules has attracted more and more attention

Component attenuation, including LID (photoinduced attenuation, including LeTID), PID, attenuation due to aging of the package material and battery connections, is an important factor affecting module power generation. Recently, due to the heated discussion of the LeTID issue, the attenuation of PV modules has attracted more and more attention. LeTID (light decay under high temperature […]

Polycrystalline components report from October to November

The average price of polycrystalline silicon in mainland China was RMB75.25/KG, which was 4.99% lower than the average price of RMB79.2/KG in October. The average price of single crystal materials in November was RMB82.25/KG, and last month. The RMB86/KG gap reached 3.75 yuan per kilogram. The average price of non-Chinese polysilicon in November was US$9.642/KG, […]

Silicon wafer supply and demand ratio imbalance

The dilemma of silicon wafer supply and demand imbalance has not yet found an effective balance method, and manufacturers will inevitably withdraw. Silicon chips are still the main target for maintaining cost operations, but the situation with upstream chips is relatively stable. Demand in the end market continues to heat up, perhaps giving the battery […]

Polysilicon price fluctuations slow down

This week, the domestic polysilicon quality materials price range was 8.18 to 82,000 yuan / ton, the average price fell to 81,600 yuan / ton, down 0.85%. The mainstream price of polysilicon wafers is 2.08-2.20 yuan/piece, and the average price remains unchanged at 2.12 yuan/piece. The mainstream price of monocrystalline silicon wafers is 3.00-3.10 yuan […]

China’s photovoltaic glass exports are growing rapidly

China has become the world’s largest producer of photovoltaic glass. In addition to meeting the domestic market demand, China’s photovoltaic glass exports have also grown rapidly. According to the statistics of China Photovoltaic Industry Association, in January 2016, China’s photovoltaic glass exports to Japan, the United States, Europe and other international markets, the number of […]

Lithium-ion battery safety test

After the lithium-ion battery is produced, it needs to carry out a series of tests before reaching the consumer to ensure the safety of the battery and reduce the safety hazard. 1.Impact test After the battery is fully charged, place it on a flat surface and place a 15.8 mm diameter steel column vertically in […]

Advantages and disadvantages of polyester material

Polyester has excellent shape characteristics. Polyester yarns or fabrics can be used for a long time after being washed several times in use. Polyester is the simplest of the three synthetic fibers and is relatively inexpensive. In addition, it is durable, flexible, non-deformable, corrosion resistant, insulating, easy to clean and dry. There are many types […]