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Which is the portable ups brand

Recently, there are many customers consulting Sungzu, what are the differences in performance characteristics between rack UPS and portable UPS? The answer to the Shang family is that they are both important power supply protection devices and important external devices capable of providing a continuous, stable and uninterrupted power supply. With the rapid development of […]

The development trend of portable energy storage boxes

Why is the development trend of portable energy storage boxes in the future unstoppable? The Sungzu Family Xiaobian gives you a look at the statistics of many countries. At the G20 Hamburg Summit, on the issue of climate change, although countries failed to reach an agreement on the Paris Agreement, some countries have clearly stated […]

Sungzu product application environment

With the development of society, the application of electricity is indispensable in daily life work, but it often encounters a series of problems such as outdoor electricity, equipment backup, and power outage. Because of the lack of electricity and power outages, the work could not continue, which made people very distressed. Especially in the summer […]

Portable solar mobile energy will be everywhere

At present, the photovoltaic industry is facing a transformation. How to expand the application of products and let clean energy truly enter the lives of the people is the top priority. On February 28th, Hanergy Film Power Group released a series of new portable thin film solar products in Beijing, including solar film power generation […]

Solar power generation prospects and current situation analysis

The development of science and technology has led to the advancement of solar power generation, and solar power generation systems have also entered our lives. Looking at the foreign solar photovoltaic power generation industry, it has gradually matured, and the domestic market is also in hot condition. How far can solar power go? Sungzu made […]

How to buy outdoor mobile power

1. Preparation before purchase, that is, preliminary determination of capacity and brand Before purchasing a mobile power supply, we must first consider a few issues and combine our own needs: specific use, location, whether a short-term emergency or long-term outing is required. If it is used for emergency charging, it is necessary to select a […]

Efficient products will be the direction of marketization

China’s photovoltaic market, due to the existence of photovoltaic subsidies. The existence of subsidies determines the policy limitations of the PV market. However, we should be very optimistic that under the leadership of domestic policies, PV has survived the instability of the EU PV industry in 2013. After the competition of the third leader and […]

DC to AC working principle

The DC/AC conversion converts the digital quantity D into an analog quantity V proportional thereto, that is, V = R × D, where R is a proportional coefficient. If D is a binary number, expand by weight: Digital to analog conversion (DC/AC) circuit types are diverse, and most use T-type resistors to decode the network. […]