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Business models of new energy storage systems

With the continuous growth of the energy storage market and the maturity of the industry manufacturers, more and more attention has been paid to the business model and financing mechanism of the energy storage system. These models may involve alternatives to traditional asset sales methods that reduce the market entry costs of potential customers and […]

Small knowledge of mobile power

Mobile power supply has become an indispensable digital equipment in the daily life of most consumers. Whether in the subway, or on the flight, train or coach to the destination, we can see its shape. While we enjoy the convenience of mobile power supply, its security performance. It’s also something everyone needs to be familiar […]

Cascade utilization of decommissioned batteries

In daily life, we have had such experience.:The battery that is exhausted in the toy car is loaded into the TV remote controller, and the battery can be used normally.In fact, the battery has not been depleted of electricity, but the current is too small to drive the toy car, television remote control power demand […]

Solar Power Bank-SC002

Product Name: solar mobile power Product model: SC002 Product Description: This solar powered mobile power is designed for smart phones and pocket computers PDA.For example, iPhone, iPad and each tablet MID provide sufficient backup power.,It also applies to the power supply of mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3, MP4, PSP, GPS and other electronic products.Solar mobile […]