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SUNGZU is a China multinational corporation that designs and sells Solar power bank, Solar lighting, Solar power generation, and energy storage appliance.There is about 2600 square meters of company area. It has produced over 10,000,000 sets products, more than 160 employees and engineers.
The company’s best-known products are solar power bank many have patent, solar lighting series, solar panel charger, new energy power storage series etc,widely used in Medical,drone, cell phone, laptop, PSP, MP3/4M ,printer, camera, lighting, household appliances etc.It’s applied for business, office,house appliance, outdoor travel, camping etc., as essential products.Those products are exported to USA, Canada, UK, Germany and Japan etc.

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Uav mobile power

sungzu Uav mobile power

Now many people can play the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), a variety of aerial, made the video is very good-looking, but worry about don’t have electricity to do outdoors, charging is not convenient, charging voltage of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is different from the general, such as the adapter output voltage is 17.5 V, with USB charging is not.
Unless the adapter is used, the 220V power supply can be charged.
This time is very troublesome, the place that cannot find 220V in the outdoors, need not worry, below I will introduce the characteristic of new product uav mobile power supply,
Uav mobile power
This product is a 52000mAh (17.8v 13AH) DC output new energy storage box, the exterior USES high strength aluminum alloy shell, four sides inlaid anti-slip silicone design.Built-in high capacity batteries, 18650 support input DC 12 V ~ 25 V, (12 V ~ 24 optional adapter, solar panels, car charger for this product) output is 19 V, 17.5 V, 13.05 V, 12 V, 5 V, hd display all input and output parameters and state display products.It is widely used in laptops, drones, LED lighting, mobile phones, tablets, PSP, MP3 and 4 products.The display is an advanced screen on the screen.Overall quality and effect, absolute leverage
Uav mobile power
The biggest feature is the support for a drone battery, which has a specific voltage and a 19V laptop.12 v to charge the camera battery, interface has a dedicated interface plug, meet outdoor, the USB can also be two conventional USB interface, and a quick charge interface, of course, these features are not uncommon, and, more importantly, the electricity box to put over the charge.What does that mean?
Uav mobile power
You can charge it with a solar panel or adapter, and you can discharge it either side.If you have such a match outdoors, you can still charge him with a car.The function is not very powerful, the price is also quite powerful, need to buy friend or understanding friend, quickly contact us
Uav mobile power

2017 The QingYuan drifting

Can be said to be in time for the summer season in August, before you know it has been the past half year, the first half of the employees are very hard, in order to relax to the employees, the company organized a free travel, the excited ah.
Let’s see how they play.